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If you’re constantly having problems with storage spaces at home, you have come to the right place. Finding the right 3-drawer dresser can make your home organized and even free up more space. These drawer dressers are essential because it takes less space yet provides ample storage space for everything. They can be used as a bedside table, nightstand, or as storage dresser. 

3 Drawer Dressers Under $50

3-drawer dressers are available in different colors and at an affordable price range. In this post, we have rounded up the top 12 best dressers under $50. Also, they are versatile, multipurpose, and lightweight. All the suggested products come with high durability and classy designs. 

Cheap 3-Drawer Dressers For Under $50

Last prices update on 2023-12-04. Source: Amazon

1. Wlive Black 3-Drawer Dresser

WLIVE Dresser with 3 Drawers, Fabric Nightstand, Organizer Unit, Storage Dresser for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets, Sturdy Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Handle, Dark Grey

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If you’re looking for a multifunctional and portable cabinet, WLIVE 3-Drawer Dresser is a great option. This fancy chest of drawers comes in black color and is an ideal choice for bedrooms, closets, and entryways. It can also fit perfectly in your kid’s playrooms and nurseries. 

Built with a sturdy steel frame, it measures 17.7 L x 11.8 W x 28.7 H. Its drawers are made of the supreme quality linen fabric. Thanks to its plastic feet, there won’t be any scratches on your floor. It also comes with a wood top which means you can place books, flower vase, clocks, lamps, etc. to liven up your room. 

2. mDesign Gray 3-Drawer Dresser

mDesign Steel Top and Frame Storage Dresser Tower Unit with 3 Removable Fabric Drawers for Bedroom, Living Room, or Bathroom - Holds Clothes, Accessories, Lido Collection - Gray

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Organize your room by bringing home this stylish yet functional mDesign 3 Drawer dresser. This trusty storage tower takes less space and is the ultimate solution for storing accessories, clothing, cosmetics, kid’s toys, etc.  

Equipped with a strong steel frame, its plastic stand is safe for your floors. The three drawers are made of synthetic fabric which makes cleaning simple and easy. With a comfortable pull handle, it is perfect for homes with small spaces. 

It comes in different colors that add a pop of color to any dull room. It measures 12 x 17.75 x 28.75 and is super light. You can easily shift it from room to room depending on your needs. 

3. Romoon Espresso 3-Drawer Dresser

ROMOON Dresser for Bedroom, 3 Drawer Dresser, Fabric Storage Dresser with Removable Drawers Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Closet, Entryway, College Dorm Office (Brown)

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This Romoon Espresso 3-Drawer Dresser can blend in easily with almost any room decor. It is a lifesaver for homeowners looking for practicality in their furniture. Perfect for storing any lightweight materials, you can also use it as a bedside table. 

It is a pretty option for those living in small apartments, condos, or anyone looking for minimal yet modern designs. With 3 drawers made of eco-friendly material, it provides enough storage room. 

Armed with a wooden handle, adjustable feet, and MDF board, it is simple to assemble. No extra tool is needed. It also features an anti-tilt lock for your child safety and is highly durable. 

4. Homfa Espresso 3-Drawer Dresser

Spruce up your bedroom with this classy side table that comes with 3 sets of drawers. It not only adds style to your room, but it also gives you enough storage space. 

Hofman 3-Drawer Dresser is an example of functionality that meets style. Thanks to its wooden top, you can place fancy lamps, clocks, and even books. All three drawers are removable; hence, cleaning is much easier.  

Featuring a sleek design, it can seamlessly blend in with any part of your home. Place it anywhere you want such as bathroom, nursery, living room or entry room and take your organizing skill one step ahead. 

5. Sorbus Gray 3-Drawer Dresser

Sorbus Nightstand with 3 Drawers - Bedside Furniture & Night Stand End Table Dresser with Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins for Home, Bedroom Accessories, Office & Dorm

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Storage is a major problem for any home. However, you can be smart and invest in good drawers to hide all the clutter. The Sorbus chest of drawers is for anyone looking for affordable yet classy storage space. It is compact and multi-functional.

Designed with a steel frame, smooth MDF wood top, non-woven fabric drawers, and easy-pull handle, it is sturdy and durable. Measuring approximately 17.75 L x 11.87 W x 28.75 H, each drawer is 8″ deep. 

You can give your guestroom a makeover by installing this chic dresser and decorate it by placing beautiful flower vases and magazine. It is lightweight and can be assembled in 20 minutes without any hassle. 

6. AmazonBasics Fabric 3-Drawer Dresser

Amazon Basics Fabric 3-Drawer Storage Organizer Unit for Closet, Bronze

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Do you want to come home to a clean and cozy environment? All you need is a good storage cabinet. Create a beautiful corner in your home with this AmazonBasics 3 Drawer Dresser that is a hit with homeowners. 

This chest of drawers can be used in two ways – as a bedside table or for storing lightweight materials. The laminated wood top makes it perfect for placing any hard stuff such as books, decorative showpiece, water bottles, etc. Its frame made of steel and feet made of plastic prevents it from wobbling.  

You can choose from a range of bright to subtle colors depending on your home decor. 

7. Vanspace Vertical 3-Drawer Dresser

A storage cabinet doesn’t have to be big, bulky, and immovable. It can be small, lightweight, and portable like this Vanspace 3-Drawer Cabinet. Featuring an adjustable feet with wheels which can rotate 360 degree, you can move it from room to room with ease. 

It measures 17.75 L x 12 W x 28.75 D and can be assembled without any difficulty. With 3 drawers providing ample storage space, you can either use it at home or office. Made of breathable non-woven synthetic fabric, it is safe and perfect for storing office stationeries, bathroom essentials, and entryways. Made of hardwood with smooth finishing, the top is water-resistant. It is safe to place warm coffees and solid objects. 

8. Giantex Fabric 3-Drawer Dresser

Giantex Dresser Storage Tower Nightstand W/Fabric Drawers, Sturdy Steel Frame and Wood Top Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Living Room, Entryway,Closets End Table Storage Unit (29’’(H), White)

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Make your home clean and breathable by storing everything in a closed storage box. This Giantex Dresser Storage Tower adds style to any type of home decor. It fits perfectly with modern style furniture.

This storage dresser is not only classy and chic, but it’s also durable, easy-to-clean, easy to assemble, and comes with large drawer bins. Priced affordably, it’s made of premium quality metal frame and water-proof top. It’s storage bins are removable and can be folded when not in use.

If you’re living in a small apartment and have space constraints, Giantex 3-Drawer Dresser is the perfect pick. It’ll give you the needed storage space and amp up your home decor instantly. 

9. East Loft Charcoal 3-Drawer Dresser

East Loft Nightstand Dresser Storage Organizer for Closet, Nursery, Bathroom, Laundry or Bedroom 3 Fabric Drawers, Solid Wood Top, Durable Steel Frame (Charcoal)

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Do you need more storage space? A sturdy and classy dresser can give you an instant home solution. East Loft storage organizer, which comes with three removable bins, is a must-have for every home. 

Measuring 17.7″ x 11.8″ x 28.7″, it can fit in any small corner. Thanks to its compact size, you can easily shift it from room to room. Also, its versatile design makes it suitable for a bedroom, living space, bathroom, entryways, playhouse, etc. Again, you can use it either as a dresser or nightstand. 

Featuring a strong steel frame and water-resistant wooden top, this dresser is a good investment. If you are not happy with the product, a 30-day money-back guarantee can be availed.

10.  U-Eway Beige 3-Drawer Dresser

Home Dresser|Storage Organizer|Storage Tower|Wood Top|Removable Drawers|Non-Woven Synthetic Fabric|Height Adjustable Feet|Organizer Unit for Bedroom,LivingRoom,Hallway,Entryway (3 Drawers -Beige)

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If space is a problem, you’ll need a chest of drawers that come with ample storage. This is where the U-Eway dresser comes in. Measuring 17.8 L x 12 W x 28.5 and weighing 12 pounds, it comes with 3 drawers.

Made of odorless non-woven fabric, it comes with adjustable plastic feet and protects your floor from scratches. With a wooden top, it can be used as a nightstand in bedrooms. Decorate it with fresh flowers and green leaves to brighten up any room. 

The installation of this storage organizer is super easy. It comes with a complete guide and can be assembled by a layman in a few minutes. For any kind of help or queries, you can contact the company for assistance.

11. Ownfun Fabric 3-Drawer Dresser

OWNFUN 3 Fabric Drawers Storage Dresser Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Hallway and Children's Room - Brown

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Picking the right storage to organize can solve help you in avoiding a messy home. Nowadays, people go for lightweight and compact designs that come with enough storage space. If minimalism is your style, the Ownfun 3-Drawer Dresser is the right one for you. 

With three storage bins made of non-woven synthetic fabric, it can fit in clothes, shoes, toys, cosmetics, blankets, etc. Made of a sturdy metal frame, it’s strong enough to hold all your essentials and give your room a facelift. 

It’s appropriately sized at 17.7 x 11.8 x 28.7 and features removable drawers. Equipped with a firm handle, you can easily open and close the cabinets. It also comes with adjustable plastic feet to stand even on uneven surfaces. 

12. Sterilite Plastic 3 Drawer Dresser

Sterilite 3 Drawer Wide Weave Storage Tower, Plastic Decorative Drawers to Organize Clothes in Bedroom, Closet, Brown with Brown Drawers, 1-Pack

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Control the clutter in your home by getting this Sterilite 3-drawer Dresser that comes in dark Espresso color. It provides enough storage space to conceal your home items in style. Made of durable plastic, cleaning is easier and faster and it promises no scratches to your floor.

Decorative dressers are the best way to make your home cozy and organized. Measuring 15 7/8 D x 21 7/8 X 24 H, it comes with driftwood handles for effortless pulling of drawers. Styled with a weave pattern, it comes with a hardwood top. Weighing 11.3 pounds, it’s also easier to carry up the stairs and shift from place to place.

With a universal classic design, it can be used for decorating your home, office, or guest rooms.


You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket by purchasing over-priced storage dresser. If you browse the internet, you’ll find that a lot of online shopping sites offer modern, chic, and classy drawers at a reasonable price. These chests of drawers occupy less space and give you more storage space. 

The above-mentioned 3-drawer dressers are all excellent products and a great investment. Designed to fit any type of home decor, they’re made of premium quality. Featuring sturdy frames, water-resistant wood top, and plastic feet, you can choose from a wide range of colors. 

Also, it comes with a complete guide manual for easy assemble. Get one of these storage drawers and stay a clutter-free life.