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If you are looking to buy a cheap 4-drawer dresser under $100 check out our list! These bedroom dressers are really nice looking, lightweight, and easy to assemble. It is just the perfect size to organize your things in.

15 Cheap 4-Drawer Dresser Under $100 1 Cheap 4 Drawer Dresser Under 100

These easy to assemble portable dressers are not only space friendly but also very budget-friendly. With these drawers, you can store just about anything. From clothes to books to clothing accessories and so much more. You name it and these storage drawers can store it all. 

Cheap 4-Drawer Dresser Under $100

1. Romoon Gray 4-Drawer Dresser

ROMOON 4 Drawer Fabric Dresser Storage Tower, Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Closet, Entryway, Hallway, Nursery Room - Gray

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If you are looking for a dresser with a fair amount of space which is also easy on the environment, the Romoon Dresser is the perfect fit. This dresser comes with 4 separate drawers made from eco-friendly materials and can store up to 50 lb of clothing or any other. 

The fabric comprised drawer and steel frame are supported with wooden handles on an MDF board to provide durability and easy to pull features even under a massive load. In addition to its strong steel frame, it also provides a cross support bar behind for extra sturdy support. 

We especially love that this dresser is easy to install (you can set it up single-handedly under 20 minutes).

2. mDesign White 4-Drawer Dresser

mDesign Tall Dresser Storage Tower Stand with 4 Removable Fabric Drawers - Steel Frame, Wood Top Organizer for Bedroom, Entryway, Closet - Jane Collection - Cream/White

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The mDesign White 4-Drawer Dresser is definitely a keeper if you are looking for a space saver. This stylish dresser comes with smart storage and slim lightweight design made for an easy fit into small spaces. 

It also features 4 removable drawers and a hard top surface which you can use as a lampstand, ora place for any other décor. 

What makes this drawer so convenient is perhaps it’s a versatile approach to not only places but its compatible use for children, teens as well as adults. You can get the mDesign White 4-Drawer Dresser in a color of 2, Cream and white along with a textured print.

3. Homfa White 4-Drawer Dresser

The Homfa white dresser is surely a winner for both furniture enthusiasts and daily office workers. This multifunctioning dresser comes with 4 removable drawers which can be easily used for storing your clothes and accessories. It can also be converted into a filing cabinet for offices all the while making your office look organized and stylish.  

Despite its compact size, the Homfa White 4-Drawer Dresser provides a very sturdy and durable frame crafted from quality engineered wood. In addition to this, it also sports plastic feet in order to provide a floor-friendly stand.

We love that it is sturdy and well made. You can easily assemble it right out of the box and is easy to handle once you have set it up. 

4. Sorbus Gray 4-Drawer Dresser

Sorbus Dresser with 9 Drawers - Furniture Storage Chest Tower Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Closet, Office Organization - Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins (4 Drawers, White)

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This multifunctioning dresser provides you with a furnished wooden surface that can double as a book stand, a steel frame for withstanding any heavy storage and 4 spacious drawers. 

The drawers can be easily used for storing all kinds of clothing like blankets, baby clothes, socks – from the smallest to the largest; with the Sorbus Gray 4-Drawer Dresser, you can store it all. 

The drawer is made of breathable non-woven fabric. What makes this drawer so durable and convenient is its portability. The entire unit can be detached, folded and kept elsewhere when not in use, making it, even more, space-friendly. 

5. Wlive Black 4-Drawer Dresser

WLIVE Dresser with 4 Drawers, Storage Tower, Organizer Unit, Fabric Dresser for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets, Sturdy Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Handle, Dark Grey

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The Wlive Black 4-Drawer Dresser is a great storage item for closets, bedrooms, playrooms, nurseries and many others. This sleek and minimal Dresser comes in a color of 3, black walnut, brown and gray which can blend perfectly well with any light or dark home décor setting. 

The drawer also comes with a high-quality linen fabric that can be cleaned easily and also easy to pull handles. 

The top surface of the drawer is made of water-resistant wood with space for books, lamps, eyewear and more. This multifunction cabinet is a must-have item for anyone looking to save a little money as well as space. 

6. Kamiler Gray 4-Drawer Dresser

Kamiler 4-Drawer Dresser Storage, 3-Tier Organizer Tower Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets - Sturdy Steel Frame, Wooden Top, Removable Fabric Bins

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With the Kamiler Gray 4-Drawer Dresser, you can easily carry and assemble your mini closet anywhere at any time. 

This space saver furniture provides a very portable and practical experience for you when it comes to storage space with its lightweight design and sturdy frames. The drawer can carry up to a load of 50 lb. 

What makes this portable drawer even better is its high durability. Made from non-toxic breathable fabric, anti-rust metal frame, and wooden waterproof top and backboard, the Kamiler Gray 4-Drawer Dresser will be sure to last for as long as you need. 

The drawers are made from odor-free fabric and are super easy to clean. 

7. Urest Tall Skinny 4-Drawer Dresser

With the Urest Tall Skinny 4-Drawer Dresser, you never have to worry about handling heavy and dirty furniture items in the future. 

This stylish storage tower provides both style and function in one compact dresser featuring4 removable and washable fabric drawers. The lightweight design of the dresser makes it easy to carry and assemble it in a matter of minutes without much hassle. 

The compact size of the drawer also makes it convenient to be used as a bedside nightstand, sofa end tables or a baby nursery table. The sleek and minimal look of the drawer will easily compliment any home décor – from rustic to traditional to modern. 

8. Homyfort 4-Fabric Drawer Dresser

Vertical Dresser Storage Tower 4 drawer chest,Sturdy Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins Organizer Unit for Bedroom, playroom, Entryway, Closets Lantern Printing

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If you are looking for a dresser that doubles or even triples as a high storage system, the Homyfort 4-Fabric Drawer Dresser might just be the item you need in your bedroom. It provides 4 removable separate drawers, each of which can be converted into different storing units according to your use. 

From clothes to books and magazines to beauty supplies, you can have it all in one single storage space. 

In addition, the 4 drawer dresser is made of highly durable, easy to clean, non-woven fabric and thick and stiff cardboard which can support a fair amount of storage.  The frame is strong and durable and it is highly versatile. 

9. Itaar 4-Fabric Drawer Dresser

Itaar Computer Table, Hallway Table with Storage Shelf for Living Room, Entry Table with Wood Veneer for Home

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The Itaar 4-Fabric Drawer Dresser is definitely the go-to drawer for you if you’re keen on sorting your clothes neatly and according to size. The dresser features 4 separate foldable drawers in total, 2 large and 2 small. You can fit about 6 pairs of jeans in one large drawer. Smaller items like socks and innerwear can fit in one small drawer. 

The dresser is fitted with sturdy metal frames and a lightweight design to support easy handling. The drawer fabrics are made of breathable non-woven synthetic fiber which is also waterproof and mildew proof. 

You can easily assemble it right out of the box within 20 minutes without needed an extra hand. And we love that it is easy to clean and care for.  

10. Iwell Wooden 4-Drawer Dresser

IWELL 4-Tier Drawers Chest, Floor Storage Cabinet with Removable Drawer, Wooden Dresser Storage Tower for Small Rooms, Living Room, Bedroom, Closet, Hallway, Rustic Brown SNG004F

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The Iwell Wooden 4-Drawer Dresser comes in a rustic brown well designed stylish look with a high storage capacity. It can store as much as 15 rolled up shirts or about 6 pairs of jeans in a single drawer. It has a vertical design which is handy for small spaces like dorms or small workplaces. 

The dresser has a textured wooden furnish and hard frame for strong and long durability. The drawers are composed of high-quality particle board which lasts for several years. It also has an easy to pull handle attached at the front.

This dresser is made from high-quality material, making it sturdy and durable. Another plus point is that it is easy to set up.  

11. mDesign Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresser

mDesign Narrow Dresser Storage Tower Stand with 4 Removable Fabric Drawers - Steel Frame, Wood Top Organizer for Bedroom, Entryway, Closet - Lido Collection - Gray

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If you’re looking for a dresser with versatile storage and high functionality, this particular mDesign Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresser is the perfect match. The spacious dresser is comprised of 4 removable drawers. 

The vertical design of the drawer makes it convenient to be placed anywhere without using up much space. The wood top surface of the dresser also makes for a convenient space for books, a glass of water, lamps. 

It is available in 2 colors, white and Gray with textured print and lightweight design. The mDesign Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresses are perfectly suited for all places. Bedroom, living room, playroom, office drawer and so much more. It is very suitable for small living spaces like condos, dorm rooms, apartments and many more. 

12. Songmics Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresser

SONGMICS Narrow Dresser with 4 Fabric Drawers Vertical Slim Storage Tower Unit, 7.9', Light Gray
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This Songmics Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresser is a must-have item for small living spaces. Beside your bed or the fridge, this dresser can fit into any small empty space and provide you with the best storage possible. It is the perfect blend of fabric and metal with its stable iron frames and durable fabric drawers. The overall blend makes the dresser lightweight in design for easy use and assemble. 

This compact vertical drawer is also very efficient in storing all kinds of clothing accessories. If you are not keen on storing clothes then worry not. The Songmics Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresser can also be used as a storing unit for kitchen utensils and even magazines, paper rolls and so much more. 

13. Sorbus Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresser

Sorbus Narrow Dresser Tower with 4 Drawers - Vertical Storage for Bedroom, Bathroom, Laundry, Closets, and More, Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins (Brown)

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Looking for storage space for home or office or both? The Sorbus Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresser is suited for all environments. Home or office, the 4 drawers narrow dresser is the ultimate storage unit for everything and anything. Office supply storage, sofa end table, kids nightstand – it complements with every setting. 

Made from soft fabric foldable and removable drawers, lightweight design and easy to pull handle. The entire unit can be easily taken apart and relocated elsewhere within a matter of minutes. With a depth of approx. 5.87” there is enough space for a couple of clothes or books and any other items. 

14. Romoon Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresser

ROMOON Narrow Closet Organizer, 4 Drawer Fabric Storage Bins, Tall Storage Dresser, Closet Organizer Shelves with Drawers for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closet, Nursery Room-Espresso

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Another dresser easy on the environment is the Romoon Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresser. Made from eco-friendly materials and strong sturdy steel frames. This one will last long with very little effect on the environment. The 4 collapsible drawers provide plenty of storage for any item giving a very clean and organized look for your room. It is not only a great clothing organizer but also a very ideal dresser for nurseries, bedrooms, playrooms and more. 

The overall design comes in a stylish dark indigo finish and breathable fabric bins combined with MDF wood boards and wooden handle for each drawer. It also comes with an anti-tilt lock for children and an adjustable feet. 

15. Zeny Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresser

ZENY Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage Tower with 4 Drawers - Sturdy Metal Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins - Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closet

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The Zeny Narrow Vertical 4-Drawer Dresser is a definite keeper of you’re looking for a stable and compact dresser for any purpose. Storing clothes or office documents or a couple of magazines. This Narrow Vertical Dresser has it covered. Crafted with a wooden top and strong metal frames, it can withstand a fair amount of storage with no hassle. 

In addition to its minimal and durable design, it also comes with adjustable feet which allow you to use the dresser even on an uneven surface. It provides a simple yet sturdy structure with a lightweight design making it very easy to assemble or dissemble. 


So there you have it! These budget and space-friendly drawer dressers certainly give large and heavy closets a run for their money. With these lightweights, stylish and sturdy storage dressers you no longer have to worry about moving or assembling your clothing or any other storage space. You can never go wrong with purchasing one of these sleek and spacious 4-drawer dressers.

But prior to making any purchase remember to choose according to how much storage space is available at your place. If you require a spacious yet space-saving dresser then you can opt for the narrow horizontal drawer dresser instead of the vertical ones. Consider all these factors before making a final decision.