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The technological advancements around us haven’t downplayed the importance of physical documents.

Be it at the office or home – most people still have plenty of documents that require proper storage. And in this regard, there are very few furniture pieces like a 4-drawer file cabinet that ensures safe storage of all your crucial papers.

However, the plethora of options on the market doesn’t make buying one any easier. That’s why we’ve curated this list with the top 5 units to help you make a pick.

Let’s dive in!

5 Best 4-Drawer File Cabinets

Last prices update on 2023-02-09. Source: Amazon

1. FireKing 4-Drawer Fireproof File Cabinet

FireKing Patriot 4P1825-CPA One-Hour Fireproof Vertical Filing Cabinet, 4 Drawers, Deep Letter or Legal Size, 18' W x 25' D, Parchment, Made in USA

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One of our top recommendations is the FireKing Patriot fireproof file cabinet. Featuring a robust steel construction, its space-saving design fits almost any room in the office or home. Not only that, but the construction is water-resistant and thoroughly tested for fire resistance up to an hour.

This cabinet measures around 18 inches wide and 53 inches long. Furthermore, the concealed handles on all four drawers reduce the need for a lot of clearance space at the front of the cabinet. Here, we should mention that the drawers fit letter and legal-size documents for safe, organized storage.

Plus, each drawer has a steel ball bearing and a full-extension mechanism to facilitate easy and smooth access. The one-key lock on the top drawer works for the first two drawers, while the lock on the third drawer controls drawers 3 and 4.

We like that there are two color variants, viz., parchment (or beige) and black to suit different office or residential decors. But since this cabinet weighs over 500 pounds, we’d prefer the brand providing professional installation services as it’s quite difficult to unload it from the truck for placement purposes.


  • Provides 1-hour fire and impact resistance
  • Insulation between drawers protect documents
  • Full-extension ball-bearing slides
  • Available in two colors


  • Heavy and difficult to move

2. Hirsh 4-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet

Hirsh Industries 22' Deep Vertical File Cabinet 4-Drawer Letter Size Putty, 17891

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The Hrish vertical cabinet is yet another space-saving unit that saves users from the hassle of having multiple storage accessories. Its commercial-grade iron structure takes care of everyday use while resisting wear and tear, rust, or corrosion. And unlike its predecessor, the lightweight design of this unit makes for easy portability.

It measures around 52 inches high and 15 inches wide, meaning it’s pretty suitable for smaller spaces. Aside from the aluminum handles, you’ll find individual level holders on the drawers so that users can conveniently organize their documents. Moreover, the drawers have precision-steel ball bearings for seamless extension even when fully loaded.

We appreciate the side rails on the drawers, which will come in handy for storing hanging letter-size folders. Additionally, the brand offers a limited lifetime warranty to take care of damage and replacements as applicable.

One thing that potential buyers should keep in mind is that the core-removable lock mechanism enables locking all four drawers at once. Naturally, this can be a bit inconvenient if you don’t need to lock every drawer. However, we aren’t too bummed about this issue.


  • Steel ball-bearings for smooth and noiseless drawer operation
  • Side railing for hanging documents
  • Lightweight and doesn’t require assembly
  • Label maker on all drawers


  • Drawers don’t have individual locks

3. Alera 4-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Alera ALE Four-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet, 42w x 19-1/4d x 53-1/4h, Black

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If you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly file cabinet, then the Alera lateral file cabinet may just fit your needs. Its sturdy construction and deep drawers can store multiple legal/letter size documents with ease. Beyond that, there are multiple size variants to cater to different user requirements.

Much like our other two recommendations, the drawers have a steel ball-bearing telescopic slide suspension mechanism for smooth operation. The adjustable rails can accommodate documents of different sizes.

Furthermore, the full-width recessed pull design adds to the overall sleekness of the design.
Thanks to the anti-tipping and interlocking drawer systems, you can open only one drawer at one time.

Again, this feature will come in handy when you don’t have enough space to keep all the drawers opened at a given time. And there’s a central lock above the topmost drawer.

For all things good, we do feel that the gap at the top of each drawer somewhat compromises safety as you can easily pry it open with a screwdriver. On the flip side, it’s a bonus if you ever lose the keys!


  • Powder-coating for scratch resistance
  • Side-to-side hanging rails
  • Four adjustable leveling glides on the bottom
  • Come in 6 sizes


  • Locking isn’t very secure

4. Scranton 4-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Scranton & Co 18' 4 Drawer Metal Letter File Cabinet in Black

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Speaking of affordable cabinets, here’s one from Scranton & Co that will surely fit most budgets. Sporting a sturdy steel construction, its compact yet efficient design safely stores your documents to keep your room clutter-free. Besides, the high-side drawers can fit letter-size documents as well as other office accessories.

Each drawer has the brand’s patented glide suspension mechanism that facilitates smooth opening and closing. In addition, the three-quarter extension design keeps it from opening all the way through so that the drawer doesn’t tip over. Hence, users don’t have to worry about injuries.

Since the cabinet comes completely pre-assembled, there’s nothing more required than placing it at your desired location and stocking the drawers. Owing to the non-porous painted steel surface, the documents remain safe from moisture and debris. Plus, both the exterior and interior can be easily cleaned by wiping with a dry cloth.

However, the central lock controls only the two upper drawers and not all of them. So, you might want to store the more important or confidential documents in the upper half of the cabinet.


  • Accommodates letter-size hanging folders
  • Non-porous surface
  • Anti-tipping drawers
  • Affordable


  • Not fully lockable

5. Lorell 4-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Lorell Essentials Lateral File, Cherry Laminate

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Before wrapping up our list, the Lorell 4-drawer file cabinet makes an entry. This unit is one of the most popular units of the brand’s laminate furniture series, which combines utility with appearance.

As such, the premium-looking design has a blend of PVC and cherry laminate, while the drawers have the familiar steel ball-bearings.

Moving on, each drawer sports a sleek, metal handle that offers comfortable gripping without interfering with the minimalist design. Apart from that, you can store both letter-size and legal-size documents or files in the drawers. So, count the bonus points for versatility!

Although the anti-tipping system prevents the drawers from coming out completely when in use, you can “dismantle” the drawers with some effort. This will aid the portability of the otherwise heavy frame, but you’d still need a couple of extra hands for the purpose.

That said, some buyers have reported receiving the cabinet with some damages before finally receiving a fresh unit. We’d recommend checking the cabinet thoroughly after delivery and contacting the brand immediately in case of scratches or dents.


  • High-end finishing
  • Central lock for all 4 drawers
  • For legal and letter size documents
  • Protective feet prevents marks on the grounds


  • Users may receive the cabinet with damages


That brings us to the end of our guide today.

We hope that we could provide enough options for you to choose from according to your needs and budget. But before we take your leave, here are two pro-tips.

Firstly, check the dimensions of the cabinet to ensure that it fits the space where you plan to place it. Secondly, make sure that the drawers can accommodate the required document type.

We will see you another day. Till then, goodbye!