10 Best 7 Piece Dining Room Sets Under $500

There are a lot of essential rooms in your home. The bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom are just a few that come to mind for most people. However, the dining room is just as necessary, especially for any family gatherings or get-togethers. You can enjoy a tasty meal by yourself or share a delicious home-cooked dinner with your family. And even entertain guests or have casual drinks.

7 Piece Dining Room Sets Under $500

All of these fantastic experiences center around your dining area, and what is a pleasant dining room without a lovely dining room set? It may seem like a daunting undertaking to go out.

And buy yourself such an essential staple among the sea of options available to the average consumer. That’s exactly why we’re here to help you get a run-down on the best options out there. And save a few hours on research and window-shopping.

Keep reading for our curated a list of the 10 best 7 piece dining room sets out there on the market today.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

7 Piece Dining Room Sets Under $500

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1. Ashley Froshburg 7 Piece Dining Room Table Set

Signature Design by Ashley Froshburg Dining Room Table and Chairs (Set of 7), Grayish Brown/Black

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This lovely set is offered in five stylish color schemes, all of which range in price from about $380 to $525. The Ashley Froshburg series will give any room it’s placed in a totally chic vibe.

The mix of veneers and wood will provide you with a fantastic focal point for your dining room; it gives off an elegant and luxurious feel that will have guests mesmerized and thinking that you paid twice as much as you did.

While you can pay for assembly, the people at Ashley Froshburg have made it simple to install with easy-to-follow instructions to put everything together.

We personally love the Antique White Design, but if you decide to go with Cream, Brown, or Gray. These seven-piece table sets have all of the right aesthetic elements to fit your dining room to a tee.

2. Ashley Woodanville 7 Piece Dining Room Table Set

Signature Design by Ashley Woodanville Dining Room Table and Chairs (Set of 7), Cream/Brown

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This beautiful seven-piece set by Ashley Woodanville is an excellent choice for anyone trying to spruce up their dining space. The set comes in five unique designs, each prettier than the last and retails for just under $400, depending on which color schemes you decide to go with.

This set comes made out of a beautiful combination of glazed silver and premium wood. Features comfortable polyester upholstery that’s easy to clean. Similar to the last set, you won’t need to pay extra for assembly. The instructions are simple, and you get everything you need to put the set together out of the box.

3. Merax 7 Piece Modern Dining Room Table Set

Merax Dining Table Set Home Kitchen Table and Chairs (Black, 7 Pieces)

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Merax’s entry on our top ten list is perfect for someone looking for a more minimalist look in their home. These pieces have a way of grabbing one’s attention without taking away from your decor.

This black, monochromatic seven-piece set is made out of rubber wood, and sturdy MDF veneer. The ladder-style chair back and flat board seats are incredibly easy to clean. And offer the right aesthetic so that this dining room set can complement practically any interior.

It’s also incredibly easy to put together thanks to their smart assembly system. Everything you’ll need to assemble the set comes with your purchase. At just slightly under $370, this minimalist set can add a luxurious and refined modern accent to your space.

4. Furgle 7 Piece Oak Wood Dining Table Set

Furgle 7 Piece Furniture Kitchen Dining Table Set with Oak Wood Dining Room Table and Set of 6 Dining Chairs, Dining Set with 40' Solid Table and Upholstered Fabric Seat, Brown

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The Furgle Oakwood dining set is made out of sturdy and durable Malaysian oakwood with an MDF board. This combination provides for an entirely scratch-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, wear-resistant, and high-temperature resistant table that will last for decades on end. And if you are looking for long-term furniture to save money, without having to deal with wear and tear, this may just be a fantastic option.

The beautiful dark brown and black oak makes it easy for this lovely dining room set to fit in with any furniture you already have. All while giving off a completely luxurious and elegant feel to take your dining room decor to the next level.

5. Giantex 7 Piece Ergonomic Dining Table Set

Giantex 7 Pcs Dining Table Set Kitchen Table and Chairs Mid Century Home Furniture Dining Chairs w/Wood Legs Upholstered Seat (7pcs Set)

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This uber-stylish set from Giantex perfectly blends the classic look of wooden furniture with a pleasing modern vibe. And if comfort is an important point for you, this set has got that covered with elegant upholstery made from soft cotton fabric that’s completely wear-resistant.

Its ergonomic shape is also designed to contour the human body perfectly. And as a bonus feature – it’s entirely environmentally friendly as it’s made with oak wood for the legs and MDF board for the table itself.

Design-wise, this set features a classy brown oakwood accent with creamy beige cushions that can add a very subtle hint of modern luxury to your interior decor. The colors perfectly accentuate each other, and this set will surely make a great addition to your dining area.

6. Mecor 7 Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set

IDS Home 17429 17429-6-BK, 7 PC, Black

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If you’re into glass table tops, we’ve got the perfect option for you. The Mecor seven-piece dining table set features a whopping 8mm of hyper-durable tempered glass for its top. And a sturdy steel frame that can support almost 200lbs. However, while glass and steel alone may not sound all too comfortable. The soft padded curve-back leather chairs totally make up for it.

This set comes in an all-black finish that jives well with any interior layout and color palette. And in terms of cleanup – it couldn’t be easier, just wipe things down once in a while, and you’re all set.

Overtop of the durability and easy cleanup, the assembly is also a simple task and not only do you get everything you’ll need to put it together – but Mecor also features an easy to follow guide that code-labels all of the individual parts and walks you through the process step by step.

All in all, if you’re looking for an elegant and modern addition to your dining area. This seven-piece set is the perfect option to complement a diverse range of decor and interior designs.

7. Harper & Bright 7 Piece Wood Dining Table Set

Dining Table Set for 4, Dining Room Furniture Set Kitchen Table Set Upholstered Dining Table & Chairs

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The good people at Harper & Bright nailed it with this impressive seven-piece wood dining table set. The beautiful look and design of the collection give it great versatility. And with a high-quality construction, ergonomic design, and easy cleanup – you’ll be getting a fantastic set at a super affordable price.

This set comes in three color combinations. Black on cherry, black on black and white with a cherry accent. All of which add a subtle touch of luxury, class, and a hint of playfulness to your interior.

8. EWF Furniture 7 Piece Wood Dining Table Set

East West Furniture 7Pc Rectangle 60' Dining Table And 6 Parson Chair With Mahogany Leg And Linen Fabric Coffee, 7

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This seven-piece series from East-West Furniture is one of the most unique options on our affordable list. The coffee-colored linen fabric accentuates the chicness of the Asian mahogany very well and offers a trendy upscale appeal.

As a hardwood table, you can expect a high degree of durability from this set. Unlike many other pressure-treated wooden tables that feature cheaper materials like MDF for the tabletop.

Ultimately, this all-mahogany table will last for decades on end and offers a good deal of resistance to heat, water, and even the usual wear and tear you’d expect to see over time with any dining room table.

Design-wise, the smooth, comforting colors of the set allow it to fit in with any design that you’ve already got going for your dining room. And as a nice bonus, it’s moderate size allows it to fit perfectly in just about any area, whether you live in an apartment or have an entire mansion to yourself.

9. EWF Norfolk 7 Piece Dining Room Table Set

7 Pc small Kitchen Table set - Table with Leaf and 6 Dining Chairs

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This Norfolk seven-piece dining room set features a more rustic and contemporary feel than it’s predecessor on our list. Being made out of solid wood, this table set is as sturdy as can be and with its strong structure. You can expect it to be entirely immune to any sort of water damage or seasonal expansion as time goes on.

And while it’s definitely beautiful and very aesthetically pleasing, the super simple step-by-step guided assembly process. And hyper-affordable price tag make this one of the best options on our list.

All in all, if you’re in the market for something more homey and hearthy than the minimalistic or modern luxury options we’ve shown off above – the EWF Norfolk seven-piece dining room set might just be the one for you.

10. Zenvida 7 Pieces Modern Dining Room Table Set

Zenvida 7 Piece Dining Set Rectangular Table and 6 Chairs

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The Zenvida dining room set provides for a much more classic, simple look. Fitted with durable steel frames and a splendid MDF tabletop, wooden seats, and backs. This set is quite the bargain at just under $330.

Each piece in the set is comforting and pleasing to the human form, and they can fit in easily with any room, design, or situation. Whether it’s a game night, a dinner party or a family reunion, this set of steel and wood furniture won’t take the attention off the action, blending into the room perfectly.

Because of the durability and sturdiness of the construction, these pieces can also be a great addition to your covered front or back patio setting for a romantic fresh-air dinner, or a summer-morning coffee outdoors as well as fun nights filled with tasty beverages and fun card games.


We hope that our list of the top ten affordable seven-piece dining room sets under $500 helped you get a head start on your buying journey.

As you may know, purchasing a dining room set an be a difficult choice. Especially when you have to consider things like the price, appearance, design, and all of the functionality a given set may offer.

Believe it or not, your dining room table is going to be one of the focal points of your home. When your friends or family come over, show them that you have impeccable taste and style. Whether it’s comfort or look, elegance or playfulness, modern or classic, you’ve got to think about what you want your dining room set to say.

And to help you out a little bit more – here’s our top pick!

While we love every piece we’ve talked about in this article. Harper & Bright’s Seven-Piece Set is genuinely a piece of eye candy. At an incredibly affordable price, you are getting impeccable elegance, long-lasting durability, and all of the comforts you could dream of, all in one go