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Designing your bathroom the right way is crucial since it ultimately affects your family’s health and hygiene.

Now, a bathroom should ideally be functional, comfortable, and stylish at the same time. And to make sure it ranks high in all these attributes, the best idea is to bring in a good-quality bathroom vanity with a quartz top.

It lends great style and elegance and comes with a sink and a storage space- the primary things you would need in a bathroom. What else can you ask for?

But choosing a suitable model becomes difficult, given the availability of a ton of options out there. So, we have tried to ease the process for you by putting forward this carefully curated guide to the 10 best options to consider.

Let’s get started!

10 Best Bathroom Vanities with Quartz Tops

Last prices update on 2022-12-01. Source: Amazon

1. Beverly 24-inch Bathroom Vanity With Quartz Top

Beverly 24-inch Bathroom Vanity (Quartz/White): Includes a White Quartz Countertop, a White Cabinet, and a Ceramic Sink

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Featuring an elegant design, this bathroom vanity from Beverly offers the perfect combination of convenience and durability that users desire. Plus, you get it pre-assembled with the sink(s), countertop, and cabinet.

We found the beautifully designed engineered stone countertop to be its most significant feature as it lends a stunning look. In addition, it uses a soft-close mechanism for the drawer slides or door hinges, facilitating ease of use.

The solid plywood and wood construction is another great aspect as it helps provide a more long-lasting service life. However, it doesn’t include a faucet or pop-up drain, so you’ll have to invest separately for that.


  • Countertop lends a stunning look
  • Soft-close mechanism for ease of use
  • Comes fully-assembled
  • Long-lasting service-life


  • Doesn’t include a faucet or pop-up drain

2. Eleanor 30-inch Bathroom Vanity With Quartz Top

Eleanor 30-inch Bathroom Vanity (Quartz/White): Includes White Cabinet with Stunning Quartz Countertop and White Ceramic Sink

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Next in line is this model from Eleanor that stands out from others owing to its sharper design. Also, many customers across the country have widely appreciated this vanity for the effective service that it provides.

Those looking for a larger unit that offers more storage space will love it since there are three drawers on offer. Each of these is made from high-quality wood and comes with an eye-catching natural finish.

Speaking of the ceramic sink, it’s also quite sturdy and offers an effective performance over the years. Additionally, the countertop has holes drilled for fixing an 8-inch 2-handle faucet. The only downside is that it might sometimes arrive with some damage on the countertop, probably due to poor packaging.


  • Sharper design
  • Offers more storage space
  • Drawers made from high-quality wood
  • Comes with drilled holes for faucet


  • May suffer damage during delivery

3. Zelda 36-inch Bathroom Vanity With Quartz Top

Zelda 36-inch Farmhouse Vanity (Quartz/Powder Gray): Includes Powder Gray Cabinet with Stunning Quartz Countertop and White Ceramic Farmhouse Apron Sink

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We also found this stunning vanity from Zelda quite impressive as it sports several utility-based features to provide users with a top-notch performance. Its most noteworthy feature is undoubtedly the convenient and attractive design.

It incorporates 3 small drawers and a bigger cabinet to provide much greater storage space than what most other models offer. Users also get the much-desired soft-close mechanism for the drawer slides and door hinges.

Moreover, the drawers and the cabinet doors come with a dovetail design for easy usage. But we felt this vanity would not go so well with a bathroom that has a modern look. Hence, it may be more suitable for rustic looking bathrooms.


  • Convenient design
  • Greater storage space
  • Soft-close mechanism
  • Dovetail design of cabinet doors and drawers


  • Won’t go well with modern bathrooms

4. Vanity Art Bathroom Vanity With Quartz Top

Vanity Art 42 Inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set 1 Shelf 5 Dove-Tailed Drawers Quartz Top and Ceramic Vessel Sink Bathroom Cabinet with Free Mirror VA3130-42-G

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Another high-end bathroom vanity that you can opt for is this model from Vanity Art, which can brighten up any modern-styled bathroom. Its countertop is stunningly smooth, thanks to the superior-quality Quartz material it uses.

Apart from that, it has an elegant gray shade that takes the overall look to a different level altogether. The sturdy oak wood construction of this vanity lends great strength and durability.

The storage space on offer is also quite praiseworthy as it comes with two wide drawers and a full-width shelf that’s perfect to store towels and other accessories. However, it needs frequent cleaning and maintenance to ensure consistent performance.


  • Stunning smooth white countertop
  • Elegant gray shade enhances its look
  • Great strength and durability
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Requires frequent maintenance

5. ARIEL 43” Bathroom Vanity With Quartz Top

ARIEL 43' Inch White Bathroom Vanity w/ 1.5' Edge Pure White Countertop & Backsplash | Right Rectangular Sink | 2 Soft Closing Doors-5 Full Extension Dovetail Drawers | Satin Nickel Pulls

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Halfway through our list, we’ve chosen this model from ARIEL, which would be perfect for bigger bathrooms. Sporting a visually appealing design, it can go well with bathrooms of all styles.

Notably, the vanity uses premium-quality hardwood that is much more long-lasting and tough than the average vanities out there This makes it capable of withstanding more weight even with regular use.

What’s more, the 5 full-extension drawers and two cabinets provide plenty of space for storage. We also liked the strong nickel handles, which lend a refined finish to this vanity. The only disadvantage is that it’s a bit taller than some of our other recommendations, so it would take up a greater portion of the wall.


  • Visually appealing design
  • Uses tough and long-lasting hardwood
  • Provides great storage space
  • Nickel handles lend a refined finish


  • A bit taller than other models

6. Abbey 48” Bathroom Vanity With Quartz Top

Abbey 48-inch White Bathroom Vanity (Quartz/White): Includes a White Cabinet, Quartz Countertop, Soft Close Drawers and Doors, and Rectangular Ceramic Sink

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This user-friendly model from Abbey will help keep your bathroom perfectly tidy and clean for the years to come. Having dimensions of 48 x 22 x 35 inches, it also comes in a convenient design. Plus, the specialized, high-quality paint on the cabinets enhances its look and remains intact over time.

Another major benefit is that it features 7 medium-sized drawers and a bigger cabinet, which is enough for medium to large bathrooms. Additionally, the doors and drawer slides operate through an efficient soft-close mechanism.

This model also offers considerable durability and strength so that you derive a fairly consistent service out of it. However, we found its Quartz top to be slightly paler than other models.


  • Cabinets come with high-quality paint
  • Suitable for larger bathrooms
  • Uses soft-close mechanism
  • Offers considerable durability and strength


  • Quartz top slightly paler than other models

7. Charlotte 48-inch Bathroom Vanity With Quartz Top

Charlotte 48-inch Bathroom Vanity (Quartz/White): Includes a White Quartz Countertop, White Cabinet with Soft Close Drawers, and White Ceramic Farmhouse Apron Sink

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This vanity from Charlotte is also a reliable choice to go for if you have a more spacious bathroom, as it comes in dimensions of 48 x 22 x 35 inches. At first glance, we loved the exterior design as it imparted a fresh look to the model, different from many others on the market.

Another big advantage is that you get a much more spacious sink in this bathroom vanity. Again, this is something you’ll find in very few models. It also uses solid, long-lasting wood material that provides toughness to the structure.

Plus, it includes 4 drawers, a cabinet, and an extra rack at the bottom for added storage. However, some customers complained that the packaging material used for the model was weak.


  • Its design gives the model a fresh look
  • More spacious sink
  • Long-lasting material
  • Includes an additional rack


  • Weak packaging material

8. ARIEL 55″ Inch Bathroom Vanity With Quartz Top

ARIEL 55' Inch Bathroom Vanity in White with Pure White Quartz Countertop | Rectangle Sink | 2 Soft Closing Doors and 9 Full Extension Dovetail Drawers | with Backsplash | No Mirror

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Our next pick for you is yet another model from the well-known brand ARIEL, which offers considerably good performance. It belongs to the Cambridge series of the brand and comes in a quite impressive design that can provide an ideal facelift to any bathroom.

We also liked the 55-inch countertop as it provides enough space for keeping the essential sanitary products within close reach. Plus, its high-quality pure white Quartz material and 1.5-inch straight edge give it a sophisticated look characteristic of modern furniture.

The storage space on offer is also massive, as it includes 8 drawers and 1 large cabinet. The only drawback of going for this model is that it needs some assembly.


  • Comes in an impressive design
  • Large countertop
  • Overall Sophisticated look
  • Massive storage space


  • Needs some assembly

9. Aria 60” Bathroom Vanity With Quartz Top

Aria 60-inch Single Bathroom Vanity (Quartz/Marine Gray): Includes Marine Gray Cabinet with Stunning Quartz Countertop and White Ceramic Sink

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Searching for a larger model that would look great but would also have great practicality? Then this one would be an ideal choice for you. While the cabinets come in a charcoal gray color, the Quartz top is a pure spotless white. Together, they exude a unique appeal that makes it stand out from other products.

You will also appreciate the storage space, as it consists of 8 drawers and 1 cabinet, just as our previous pick. In addition, the drawers retain a natural wood finish on the sides so that you get an idea of the high-quality wood material.

This one also comes assembled, which places it at an advantage over the ARIEL 55″ Inch Bathroom Vanity. However, the warranty offered by the brand may not cover all issues that users might face with the model.


  • Color combination gives it a unique appeal
  • Ample storage space
  • Drawers retain a natural finish on the sides
  • Comes in assembled form


  • Warranty not effective enough

10. ARIEL 73” Bathroom Vanity With Quartz Top

ARIEL 73' Inch White Double Vanity with Pure White Quartz Countertop | Rectangle Sinks | 4 Soft Closing Doors and 6 Full Extension Dovetail Drawers | No Mirror

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Towards the end of our list, we’ve included a third model from ARIEL, which is perfect for expansive bathrooms. Its design is very similar to ARIEL’s 55-inch Bathroom Vanity, while the color is exactly the same.

As such, this model offers a similar sophisticated look that would go well with any modern bathroom. A major advantage is that its 2 cabinets incorporate an improved soft-closing mechanism that makes sure the doors never slam shut.

What’s more, there are as many as 6 full-extension drawers that provide additional storage space. However, the Quartz countertop of this product is not very durable in the long run, so minor cracks might develop therein.


  • Perfect for expansive bathrooms
  • Offers a sophisticated look
  • Improved soft-closing mechanism in cabinets
  • 6 full-extension drawers for more storage space


  • Quartz countertop not durable enough


That has almost brought us to the end of this guide. We hope things will seem much simpler to you now.

So, go ahead and pick a suitable model for yourself! But before we call it a day, here are a few tips for you to keep in mind. Make sure you measure the area of your bathroom and verify whether the model you’re considering will be fit the said area.

Also, check the details of the warranty offered by the brand since it’s a long-term investment. In case there’s insufficient information on the same, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support of the brand.

With that, we will take your leave for today. See you soon!