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Want to buy a cheap makeup vanity table set with a lighted mirror? Check out our list! These vanity table sets are easy to assemble and sturdy. The lights are nice and bright. Perfect for small space.

Cheap Makeup Vanity Table Sets With Lighted Mirror

Dressing tables are an essential piece of furniture to have in your bedroom, especially if you’re someone who needs a cozy space to groom or apply makeup. There are various vanity table set out there with beautiful designs that will certainly help in adding a sense of class and elegance to a room.

If you’re thinking you need to spend a heft amount of money to get yourself a decent dressing table, you’re wrong. In fact, there are several inexpensive vanity tables sets out there and this article rounds up ten of them. The following items have been carefully hand-picked on the basis of style, build material, quality, design, and most importantly, price.  

Cheap Makeup Vanity Table Sets With Lighted Mirror

Last prices update on 2024-05-22. Source: Amazon

1. Tribesigns Vanity Set with Huge Lighted Mirror

Tribesigns Vanity Set with Lighted Mirror, Makeup Vanity Dressing Table Dresser Desk with Large Drawer for Bedroom, Black (10 Cool LED Bulbs)

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This vanity set from Tribesigns features a modern design, making it an ideal choice for use in the bedroom, bathroom, or hallway. With a design that exudes an elegant and classy feel, this dresser will blend in perfectly with any décor or other furniture in the room.

The set includes a huge mirror with ten LED lights on the edge. It offers an adequate amount of lighting for you to apply your makeup comfortably in any lighting condition. This also makes it a perfect option for studio and home makeup.

The wide tabletop and a large drawer offer adequate storage space to organize your cosmetics, beauty components, and other essentials in one dedicated area. This helps in keeping the things you need within your reach so you won’t have t to look around for it. Plus, it keeps your room clean and clutter-free.

This table is highly durable and strong thanks to Its sturdy construction. Additionally, you can easily assemble the entire set. 

2. Funkoco Vanity Set with Touch Screen Dimming Mirror

FUNKOCO Vanity Table Set with Lighted LED Touch Screen Dimming Round Mirror,Makeup Dressing Table with 2 Sliding Drawers, 1 Cushioned Stool for Bedroom, Bathroom (White)

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Give your bedroom a fresh look with this beautiful vanity set from Tribesigns. It comes with a huge round lighted mirror and features an LED light touch screen. It offers three color temperature, which includes warm, cool, and bright. 

The mirror also features a dimming functionality that allows you to adjust the brightness and color temperature as per your needs. Unlike conventional external switch, this dresser has high-sensitivity intelligent sensors that allow you to control the light more conveniently and safely.

The table comes with two sliding drawers that provide plenty of storage space. As such, you can keep your desktop clean and tidy. These drawers will allow you to manage your jewelry, cosmetics, beauty products, and other small items efficiently.

Its top-grade build material and solid wooden legs and table make it more durable and longlasting. Putting together the set is quite straightforward as well. You just need to join the legs to the stool and the table.

3. Yourliteamz Vanity Table Set with LED Mirror

ARTETHYS Vanity Table Set with Adjustable Brightness Mirror and Cushioned Stool, Dressing Table Vanity Makeup Table with Free Make-up Organizer

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If you’re looking for a vanity table with modern design and unique features then you can’t go wrong with this vanity set from Yourliteamz. It has an adjustable brightness mirror that lets you pick from three different lighting options by simply touching the screen.

This dresser set is sturdy and durable thanks to its high-quality build material. P2 MDF, sturdy wooden legs and table for improved longevity. You also get a cozy little stool with a solid wood frame and has a polyester seat cover, which provides a cozy sitting experience.

This vanity set is an ideal choice for a hallway, bedroom, bathroom, or closet. Plus, the spacious drawers allow you to store and keep your cosmetics, jewelry, and other essentials within your reach. It has one large drawer with six different compartments. As such, You can organize everything in one dedicated area so you can get ready quickly without having to look for the things you need.

The assembly process is quite straightforward as you simply need to attach the legs to the table and stool. The instruction manual that comes with it further streamlines the installation process.

4. Yourliteamz Vanity Set with Oval LED Mirror 

ARTETHYS Vanity Table Set with Adjustable Brightness Mirror and Cushioned Stool, Dressing Table Vanity Makeup Table with Free Make-up Organizer

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This is another incredible vanity set with great design and functionality. It comes with an adjustable brightness mirror, where you just need to touch the mirror and pick from three different lighting conditions.

Whether you need to get ready for a night out or work, you’ll be able to do so with ease. Thanks to the different brightness options, you get the desired lighting as per your needs. This dresser features a premium P2 MDF construction, solid wooden legs, and table, making it a durable and a piece of practical.

Its versatile design and functionality make it ideal for use in your bedroom, closet, hallway, or bathroom. In addition, you get a stool with a soft cushion that offers great comfort. The high-quality built-material and sturdy frame structure also offer great stability and load-bearing capacity.

Putting together the furniture is quite a breeze. Simply attach the legs to the table and stool. Plus, the package includes detailed instructions for easy installation.

5.  Charmaid Vanity Table Set with Mirror

CHARMAID Vanity Set with Touch Screen Dimming Mirror, 3 Color Lighting Modes, Dressing Table with 4 Sliding Drawers, Modern Bedroom Makeup Table and Cushioned Stool Set for Women Girls (White)

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The Charmaid vanity table set is an excellent piece of household furniture. It comes with a unique touch screen dimming mirror that offers you three different lighting options; natural, warm, and cool.

This dresser adopts an intelligent touch function, where you just need to touch the sensor switch and pick your desired lighting. You can also touch the sensor screen with wet hands and still operate it properly and safely.

The dresser includes two large drawers along with two small ones, which offers ample space for organizing your essential products. Plus, the large drawer has additional compartments for storing jewelry or other small items. Made using premium MDF, this table features a flat, smooth tabletop.

You also get a soft cushioned stool that allows you to sit and apply makeup comfortably. The 100% beechwood construction, makes the set sturdy and durable. The package includes a clear instruction manual to help with the installation process. 

6. Charmaid Vanity Set with Rotatable Lighted Mirror

CHARMAID Vanity Set with Lighted Mirror, Makeup Table with 10 LED Dimmable Bulbs, 3 Drawers, 2 Dividers, Modern Bedroom Dressing Table Vanity Desk with Stool for Women Girls (Espresso)

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This vanity set comes with ten LED lights and a touch switch that allows you to adjust the brightness for different lighting conditions. It features a memory function that eliminates the need to adjust the lighting whenever you turn on the lights. 

The dresser has two small drawers and a large drawer along with a wide desktop, which provides enough space to store your cosmetics, jewelry, and other essential items within your reach. Made with premium and high-quality materials, the Charmaid vanity set is practical household furniture that’s highly durable. Its sturdy frame structure and premium hardware provide excellent load-bearing capacity and great stability.

Additionally, it features an anti-toppling fitting and ant-slip-mats for ensuring additional safety. You also get a comfortable, multipurpose stool with soft, high-density cushions. The thick cushions with its breathable fiber upholstery offer optimal comfort. Also, you can use the stool as a footrest. The package includes detailed instructions for quick and easy installation.

7. Charmaid Vanity Set with Oval Lighted Mirror

CHARMAID Makeup Vanity Table with Lighted Mirror, Vanity Desk with 10 LED Lights, Adjustable Brightness, 5 Drawers and Removable Storage Organizer, Bedroom Dressing Table with Stool (White)

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Add style to your bedroom with this elegant vanity set by Charmaid. This set includes a gorgeous dressing table with ten LED lights on the round mirror. By pressing the touch switch, you can adjust the brightness as per your needs.

It features a unique memory function that eliminates the need to constantly adjust the brightness whenever you turn the lights on. This dressing table has a detachable top and a 360-degree design. This allows you to use the table for more than just applying your makeup. You can remove the top and use it as a study, writing or a laptop table.

Moreover, its 360-degree design allows you to adjust the mirror’s angle to get the best reflection. Featuring 2 small drawers and three large drawers, this dressing table offers ample storage space for accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, or other items.

You also get a soft cushioned stool featuring high-density sponge seat and wooden legs, which offers optimal comfort while applying your makeup. Plus, it’s quite sturdy and durable. 

8. Giantex Vanity Set with Round Lighted Mirror

Giantex Vanity Set with Round Lighted Mirror, Makeup Dressing Table with 8 Light Bulbs and Brightness Adjustable, Bedroom Makeup Table with Cushioned Stool and 2 Sliding Drawers (Natural)

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Need a simple and elegant dressing table for your bedroom? The Giantex vanity set is just what you need. It includes a beautiful vanity table with cushioned tools and sound mirrors. This furniture with its modern design and functionality will create a wonderful place for you to apply your make-up, groom, and also revamp your bedroom.

The edge of the round mirror features eight LED light bulbs and a touch switch to control it. The light emits soft, white lighting and another great feature is the ability to adjust the brightness based on your needs. This ensures the right amount of light needed, allowing you to apply your make-up comfortably.

Also, the lights have a memory function, which means you’ll get the same brightness as your last use when you turn on the lights again. With a wide tabletop coupled with two spacious drawers featuring soft rails, this dressing table offers ample space to store your cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories easily.

This helps in keeping your room clean and tidy. The table is made of top-grade MDF while its legs are constructed with pinewood. As such, you get a piece of furniture with a durable structure and solid wooden legs. 

9. Vasagle Vanity Set with Round Lighted Mirror

VASAGLE Vanity, Makeup Vanity Desk with Lights, Rounded Mirror, 2 Drawers, Vanity Set with Upholstered Stool, for Bathroom, Bedroom, Girls Vanity for Gift, Black URDT11BL

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Create a beautiful, comfortable space in your bedroom for all your grooming and skincare regime with this gorgeous vanity table set from Vasagle. The set comes with a detachable circular mirror with lights on the edges, which helps in adding a flair of glamour and chic to your room.

This vanity set will help you in applying your making easily when there isn’t enough brightness in your room. The rim of the circular vanity mirror features ten light bulbs, which offers the necessary lighting for getting ready during the day or before a fun night out. 

It offers a dedicated area to organize the plethora of beauty products to keep your room clean and clutter-free. The table features a wide tabletop and two spacious drawers with sliding rails intact, which gives you enough storage space to keep your cosmetics, jewelry, and more.

The set also includes a clear instruction manual and because the table comes with pre-installed drawers, a mirror, and 10 light bulbs, you can easily assemble the furniture with ease. You also get a cushioned stool.

10. Bonnlo Vanity Set with Round Lighted Mirror

Bonnlo Lighted Makeup Vanity Set Round Makdup Vanity Set with Lighted Mirror 8 Light Bulbs and Touch Switch,Bedroom Dressing Table with Cushioned Stool

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This gorgeous vanity table set from Bonnio includes a white dressing table featuring eight light bulbs. The lights around the rim provide natural daytime lighting, which makes it ideal for makeup application, hair styling, or shaving. It’s more helpful for nighttime skincare regime when there isn’t enough light.

Made from superior MD, the Bonlo dressing table boasts a sturdy construction with strong wood legs for enhanced durability. It comes with a round white removable lighted mirror, which you can remove easily and use the table for office, study, or writing purposes.

Featuring a simple yet modern design, this makeup table will surely add a touch of glamour and elegance to your bedroom. It not only offers a beautiful and cozy dedicated area for you to get ready but also helps in keeping your room clutter-free by providing plenty of space for storing your toiletries, make-up, and other beauty necessities.

It comes with two large sliding drawers and two tabletop drawers featuring a detachable makeup organizer to help organize your items and keep the room neat. The sliding drawers and the table will come intact so all you need to do is attach the round mirror and legs to the table. For safe use, the set also features anti-toppling fittings.


Having a dressing table will allow you to organize your cosmetics, jewelry, skincare products, and other essential items. As such, you’ll have a clutter-free room. Dressing tables can also help in adding a sense of sophistication to your bedroom. You don’t need to purchase an expensive dressing table for your grooming sessions or keeping your personal items organized. 

There are several high-quality yet inexpensive options for you and the aforementioned picks prove that. Each vanity table set on our list has its unique characteristics, design, details, and built-material. That said, they all come with a lighted mirror, which is quite an efficient feature.