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Wooden coffee tables are so yesterday and boring. If you’re looking to get something trendy, opt for mirrored ones instead.

These modern and unconventional pieces can perfectly reflect your distinctive taste while imbibing a sophisticated charm to the existing decor. However, finding the ideal option is far from easy, as the market is teeming with low-quality dupes.

Therefore, to make things easier on your part, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best mirrored coffee tables at an affordable price. Also, we can vouch for their quality as we have individually tested all their features.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

10 Best Mirrored Coffee Tables

Last prices update on 2023-12-03. Source: Amazon

1. Meridian Furniture Modern Mirrored Coffee Table

Meridian Furniture Haven Collection Modern Contemporary Mirrored Coffee Table Featuring a Bold Geometric Design, 39.5' W x 39.5' D x 18.5' H

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If you have a penchant for quirky decor pieces, the Meridian Furniture Coffee Table is the perfect option. The biggest USP of this item is that it looks nothing like a conventional table, and therein lies its beauty and distinctive appeal.

The contemporary triple-stacked design instantly elevates the existing decor. Meanwhile, the geometric shapes add to the visual appeal. That said, you can use it as a centerpiece for displaying small items and keeping mugs or glasses.

The table sits flat on any surface, thanks to the pedestal base, so you need not worry about it toppling over. Besides, it features a 43” x 43” square top, providing sufficient space to put your belongings.


  • Contemporary triple-stacked design
  • Geometric shape adds to the visual appeal
  • Pedestal base ensures stability
  • Generously-sized 43” x 43” square top


  • Table is quite heavy at 198 lbs

2. Coaster Home Square Mirrored Coffee Table with Shelf

Coaster Home Furnishings Amalia Square Coffee Table with Lower Shelf Clear Mirror

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The Coaster Home Square Mirrored Coffee Table will surely appeal to buyers looking to elevate their interior decor scene. The mirror finish top and shelf are every bit elegant and sophisticated, creating an unparalleled visual appeal.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a conversation starter, this piece of furniture will invite the right kind of attention. Design-wise, we also like the C-shaped supports, which adds to the form and profile of this square piece.

Meanwhile, the silver reflective surface accentuates the overall look, bringing in a bit of glamor to your indoor setting. As for its size, it includes a 39.75″ x 39.75” top and shelf, which is good enough to display small items, mugs and knick-knacks.


  • Elegant and sophisticated, square model
  • Mirror finish adds to the interior decor
  • C-shaped support enhances form and profile
  • Suitable for keeping mugs and small decor items


  • Assembly is a bit complicated

3. SEI Furniture Ava Mirrored Coffee Table

SEI Furniture Ava Mirrored Coffee Table, Cocktail, Chrome

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If you prefer furniture with clean lines and a distinctive form, the Ava Mirrored Coffee Table is bound to impress. First off, we cannot get enough of the curved “X” metal frame, incorporating an interesting visual detail.

Furthermore, the chrome-plated base beautifully complements the mirrored top, making it all the more glitzy and glamorous. So, if you’re looking for something that personifies your rich taste, this one can do so unfailingly.

Meanwhile, we really like the 0.5” bevel, emphasizing the rectangular shape of the table. As such, it has a weight capacity of 70 lbs, which is undoubtedly a steal deal for the price. Overall, it’s an attractive piece that can take your coffee sessions to a whole new level.


  • Attractive curved “X” metal frame
  • Features an elegant, chrome-plated base
  • 0.5” bevel emphasizes the rectangular shape
  • Model has a weight capacity of 70 lbs


  • Requires a lot of cleaning

4. Christopher Knight Rectangle Mirrored Coffee Table

Christopher Knight Home Solanna Mirror Finished Faux Wood Coffee Table, Clear / Mirror White, 23 in x 42.15 in x 18.25 in

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If the last option seemed too small for your liking, the Christopher Knight Rectangle Mirrored Coffee Table might work out fine. For starters, it features a 42.15” x 23” mirrored top, providing sufficient space for display and storage.

Other than that, the white faux wood frame embodies a traditional yet gorgeous look that’s hard to pass up. However, what seals the deal for us is the handcrafted detailing on the edges and legs, accentuating the overall getup.

The reflective surface combined with the white polyresin base creates a fresh and uncluttered appearance, which is what most of us prefer. Lastly, it requires minimal assembly, enabling easy set up within minutes.


  • Provides sufficient display and storage space
  • White faux wood frame exudes a traditional touch
  • Handcrafted detailing on the edges and legs
  • Easy to set up; requires minimal assembly


  • White paint tends to chip off

5. Howard Elliott Rectangle Mirrored Coffee Table

Howard Elliott Mirrored Coffee Table, Square Silver Accent Center Table, Simple Modern Designer Furniture for Home, Office, Living Room or Any Room

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Next up, we have picked the Howard Elliott Mirrored Coffee Table, another elegant piece that can liven up any indoor space. That said, some of us like to keep our furniture low-profile and unobtrusive, so it seamlessly syncs with the existing setup.

If you, too, are thinking along similar lines, this one will not disappoint. To begin with, we totally dig the perfectly rectangular mirror finish top, which simply supplements the no-frills look. Furthermore, the slightly tapered legs create a typical mid-century vibe, which is hard to ignore.

And last but not the least, the MDF base makes it one of the most durable and functional options in this price range. So, if you want something practical yet aesthetically pleasing, this one checks both boxes.


  • Low-profile design syncs with existing decor
  • Tapered legs create a typical mid-century vibe
  • Durable and reliable MDF base
  • Practical table with elegant mirror finish top


  • Takes up a lot of floor space

6. Southern Enterprises Mirrored Coffee Table

SEI FURNITURE Southern Enterprises Mirage Cocktail Table - Mirror Finish w/Silver Trim - Glam Style

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We’re halfway through our recommendations, and now is a good time to introduce the Southern Enterprises Mirrored Coffee Table. This is truly a one-of-a-kind piece that gleams from all angles.

For starters, we’re very impressed with the spacious, 23.75” x 42.25” mirror tabletop that makes your coffee sessions more convenient. Furthermore, it boasts a durable fir wood and MDF construction, ensuring maximum durability and resilience.

Other than that, the sleek silver trim adds a chic yet sophisticated look to the rectangular structure. However, what took us by surprise is the split mirror top, further accentuating the clean lines it features. Lastly, it can support a weight of up to 25 lbs, which is not too bad for something this showy.


  • Spacious, 23.75” x 42.25” mirror tabletop
  • Durable fir wood and MDF construction
  • Split mirror top accentuates the clean lines
  • Supports a weight of up to 25 lbs


  • Not suitable for heavy use

7. Mireo Square Mirrored Coffee Table

MIREO Coffee Table Mirrored with Crystal Inlay Surface, Square Silver Accent Table, Modern Design Luxury Contemporary Furniture, Fully Assembled for Living Room from Furniture

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The Mireo Square Mirrored Coffee Table is another splendid option that can take your decor game up by several notches. First of all, it features a highly reflective square mirror top, embellished with faux diamond crystals on the edges.

Therefore, if you want a gorgeous piece that stands out among other furniture, this one surely fits the brief. Apart from that, it includes a solid, plinth-like base, ensuring improved stability and support.

But that’s not all; the base also features mirrors on all sides, which creates a visual consistency that further enhances the structure. So, if you’re short on floor space and need something compact for your coffee, get this right away.


  • Faux diamond crystals embellished edges
  • Includes a solid, plinth-like base
  • Compact model; takes up minimal space
  • Mirror finish base provides visual consistency


  • Unsuitable for keeping heavy objects

8. Enene Mirrored Coffee Table with Drawer

Mirrored Coffee Tables for Living Room - Modern Accent Tea Table Sofa Desk with 1 Drawer Easy Assembly

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The Enene Mirrored Coffee Table is one of those rare pieces that strike a perfect balance between ornamental and utilitarian. To begin with, this is a multipurpose unit that can also work as a bedside table or a low dining table.

Featuring a generous 41.3″ x 17.7″ mirror top, it’s ideal for anyone who enjoys entertaining and needs more space for drinks and food. Apart from that, it includes a large-sized drawer, good enough to keep books, magazines, or anything you want to keep instantly accessible.

Construction-wise, we’re very impressed with the anti-scratch and rust-proof MDF build, allowing users to place the table in high-traffic locations. Lastly, it’s a cinch to set up since the top comes pre-assembled.


  • Multipurpose and spacious mirror finish table
  • Includes a large-sized drawer
  • Anti-scratch and rust-proof MDF construction
  • Comes with a pre-assembled top


  • Difficult to move around

9. ACME Furniture Noralie Mirrored Coffee Table

Acme Furniture Modern Glass 38' Square Mirrored Accent Coffee Table in Black

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If you have an eye for all things exclusive, the ACME Furniture Noralie Mirrored Coffee Table will definitely meet your expectations. It may not look like a conventional coffee table, but it serves the purpose and creates a bold statement.

Therefore, if you want to add a unique piece to your living room, bedroom, or any other interior location, go for this. Featuring a 38” x 38” square top, this compact model can virtually fit into any corner.

The geometrical base further contributes to the reduced dimensions while enhancing aesthetics. Other than that, the acrylic inserts on the base supplement the table’s quirky look. Lastly, the 5mm bevel gives it a neat and well-defined appearance.


  • Features a 38” x 38” square top
  • Unconventional model for compact spaces
  • 5mm bevel lends a neat look
  • Geometrical base enhances aesthetics


  • Suitable for light-duty use only

10. Cairns Square Mirrored Coffee Table

COASTER Cairns Square Mirrored Coffee Table Silver

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Now that we’ve reached the end of our list, we’d like to finish off with the Cairns Square Mirrored Coffee Table. If you’re not a fan of decorative pieces, this model is probably the best option. For starters, it comes with a square 38” x 38” top, suitable for keeping mugs, showpieces, remote controllers, books, etc.

The silver finish, tapered legs enhance the subtle appearance without making things too gaudy. Besides, the reflective surface is essentially low-maintenance, as all it needs is occasional wiping.

Since it’s available fully assembled, you need not worry about working with nuts and bolts. Lastly, it takes up very little room, allowing users to place it anywhere convenient.


  • Comes with a square 38” x 38” top
  • Requires minimal cleaning
  • Item is available fully assembled
  • Takes up very little floor space


  • Suffers from quality control issues


That’s all from us!

We hope you could find the most suitable option from our top 10 recommendations.

However, before you go ahead and place an order, here’s some advice.

Make sure that the table is the right size for your preferred location, as you don’t want to get something oversized or too small. Check the dimensions of the model, including the table height, to figure out which one will work best.

Also, in case the model requires assembly, it’s best to buy something that includes all the necessary hardware. On that note, we’d like to take your leave.

Till next time!