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Today we’ll be reviewing mirrored nightstands, offering the perfect solution for decorating your home.

But that’s not the only good thing about them; these products also have many practical uses. They can hold several items, proving useful for storing your magazines, books, clocks, and lamps. And although it’s called a nightstand, you can use it as a sofa table for holding drinks and snacks.

Now, how will you choose from the many quality models available out there? We’ve narrowed down the ten best units most suitable for homeowners. Without further ado, let’s look at our first product.

10 Best Mirrored Nightstands Under $200

Last prices update on 2024-06-24. Source: Amazon

1. Mecor Silver 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand

Mecor Mirrored End Table 3 Drawers Mirror Accent Side Table Silver Finished Nightstand for Living Room/Bedroom (Silver)

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This rectangular-shaped mirrored nightstand from Mecor features a glass and MDF construction, providing a shiny appearance. It comes in a silver finish, making it suitable for most homes, and not surprisingly, buyers are queuing up to check out its features.

Furthermore, the side table has three drawers with sufficient storage space to hold numerous items. We loved the elegant crystal knob design allowing you to pull out the drawers for a smooth experience.

Apart from that, the suitable dimension ensures you can place this product in different rooms as it compliments various settings. Once delivered, you’ll see that it doesn’t require assembly, making it extremely user-friendly and suitable as a gift.
Finally, we loved how the luster of the glass adds to the texture of this nightstand.


  • Glass and MDF construction
  • Works with most rooms
  • Three drawers
  • Elegant crystal knobs
  • Suitable dimension


  • Challenging to align
  • Handles may come loose

2. Mecor Golden 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand

mecor Mirrored End Table 3 Drawers Mirror Accent Side Table Golden Finished Nightstand for Living Room/Bedroom (Golden)

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This next model from Mecor has several similarities with other nightstands available out there. But that doesn’t take away from its fantastic functionality. Firstly, you’ll love the durable glass and MDF construction, ensuring that it lasts a long time and making it suitable for daily use.

Moving on, the side table has sufficient space to keep various items, thanks to the three drawers. And to use the drawers, the designers have added crystal knobs that look good, thereby improving the attractiveness of this unit.

What’s more, despite the many features, it isn’t bulky but suitably sized, allowing you to place it in most rooms. Moreover, the luster highlights the exquisite texture on offer, which serves as another advantage. If you spill something on this nightstand, it won’t take time to clean, meaning it’s low-maintenance.


  • Glass and MDF construction
  • Three drawers
  • Crystal knob
  • Brilliant texture
  • Attractive


  • You can’t place files upright
  • Trickly assembly

3. Convenience Concepts Vineyard 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand

Convenience Concepts Gold Coast Accent End Table, 19'L x 12'W x 24.75'H, Antique Silver/Mirror

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We’ll start by discussing the incredible versatility, giving this product an edge over other models. Not only is it affordable and easy to assemble, but you can also choose from the numerous available styles, including modern, urban, traditional, and rustic. Now, thanks to the varied designs, you have the option of using it in most rooms as it blends with the decor.

Plus, all the components have been specially hand-crafted to deliver outstanding durability, ensuring it can withstand regular use. It’ll please you to know that this nightstand is made from fir wood and mirror, thereby delivering a classy appearance to your rooms.

Apart from the elegant design, we liked the three drawers, which provide enough space for holding various items. Finally, the lightweight design means you can move it easily.


  • Weighs 35lbs
  • Affordable
  • Numerous styles
  • Hand-crafted components
  • Made from fir wood and mirror


  • Top-rim wobbles
  • Poor knobs

4. Convenience Concepts Park Lane 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand

Convenience Concepts Gold Coast Park Lane Mirrored End Table, Antique Silver / Mirror

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The best way to describe our next recommendation would be glamorous. Interestingly, it not only looks good but also improves the appearance of a room, thanks to its stunning reflective surfaces. You’ll see the reflection makes it seem as if the nightstand is invisible or floating.

Furthermore, it offers the perfect combination of usefulness and aesthetic appeal, making it stand out. And this is perfectly highlighted by its drawer and handles. While the drawer and cabinet have enough room for storing large items, the glass rosette knobs deliver a smooth experience.

Other than that, users have enjoyed the low-profile despite the large capacity, meaning your line of sight remains unobstructed. Lastly, the price isn’t high, so it’s an affordable option for most people, while the easy assembly makes it suitable for first-time users.


  • Easy assembly
  • Glass, rosette knobs
  • Highly reflective
  • Invisible or floating appearance
  • Glamorous


  • Slightly small
  • Screws may come loose

5. Christopher Knight Lucretia 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand

Christopher Knight Home Lucretia Mirror Finished 3-Drawer Accent Table, Clear

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Another versatile model for you to try out is this unit from Christopher Knight. We loved the innovative design, which allows you to place it in the bedroom or bathroom without any hassle. It has an open feel and conveys an air of cleanliness, which will please potential buyers.

Coming to the details, it has three drawers that are suitable for storing several items. But it’s the reflective appearance that is the highlight of this nightstand, all thanks to the mirrored finish, which brightens up most rooms for a terrific experience.

Meanwhile, the sturdy legs are ideal for supporting the rectangular shape and weight of 47.9lbs. You can rest assured that it will last a long time, guaranteeing an excellent return on your investment.


  • Weighs 47.9lbs
  • Open feel
  • Three drawers
  • Reflective design
  • Air of cleanliness


  • Challenging to install knobs
  • Tilts forward

6. Christopher Knight Aami Mirrored Bed Side Table

Christopher Knight Home Aami Mirrored Side Table, Clear / Mirror

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Of all the products available out there, this model offers the most unique design by far. Although it looks nothing like a nightstand, we guarantee it’ll last a long time.

There are no legs, but a flat base allows you to set it on the ground for stability. So, the table doesn’t wobble, preventing the contents from tipping over. Moving on, the modern design features a criss-cross of geometrical patterns, thereby reflecting the light for an exceptional appearance.

You’ll love the mirror and laminated hardwood design as it enhances the overall ambiance. Plus, when sunlight strikes the surface at the correct angles during the day, it brightens up most rooms.


  • Unique design
  • Stable base
  • Maximum illumination
  • Reflective surface
  • Mirror and laminated hardwood construction


  • Glass may crack
  • Suitable for decorative purposes

7. Lazymoon 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand

LAZYMOON 3 Drawer Mirrored Nightstand Accent Table Chest Dresser Storage Silver

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The Lazymoon Nightstand has several exciting functions but first let’s look at the elegant mirrored surface. While the primary material used is MDF, the designers have added smooth and shiny mirrors all over the frame. As a result, it attains the color of the room, allowing you to place it in any convenient spot.

What’s more, there are three drawers to help you arrange your books, magazines, and personal items, so you can keep them close by. Additionally, the tabletop has sufficient space for arranging photo frames and plants.

Now, to complement the shiny exterior, it comes with diamond-shaped, rust-resistant handles. Hence, not only is it reliable, but it can also withstand daily activity, proving highly durable.

Finally, the unit comes pre-assembled, so all you need to do is reverse the handles and turn them in the right direction.


  • Diamond-shaped handles
  • MDF construction
  • Smooth, shiny mirrors
  • Ample space
  • Pre-assembled


  • Slightly small

8. Bonnlo 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand

Bonnlo 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand End Table Bedside Table for Bedroom, Living Room, Silver, 11.7' L x 11.8' W x 23.8' H

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If you’re looking for a spacious unit, then we recommend this model from Bonnlo. We loved how the three spacious drawers complemented its dimensions, allowing you to arrange your books and magazines.

The manufacturers have also added a premium glass material construction to offer the perfect combination of durability and attractiveness. On the inside, it has a sturdy wooden frame, enhancing the lifespan of this product. Significantly, you can use it in most rooms as it blends in with the interior decor.

Besides, a lot of attention has gone into details, as seen with the rust-resistant, diamond-shaped handles. It adds color to the nightstand while providing smooth movement and a comfortable feel for daily use.

Lastly, you can also use it as a sofa table, highlighting its incredible versatility.


  • Diamond-shaped handles
  • Wooden frame interior
  • Premium glass exterior
  • Three drawers
  • Comfortable feel


  • Slightly short

9. Vingli 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand

VINGLI Mirrored Nightstand with 3-Drawers Silver Side End Table Mirrored Furniture for Small Space, Bedroom, Living Room

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First things first, this model comes with a mirrored finish and a solid black surface, giving it a glamorous appearance. Since the surface is highly reflective, it adjusts according to the ambiance of a room, making it suitable for several purposes.

Despite the many features, it has a compact size without compromising on space. Therefore, you can place alarm clocks, lamps, books, or use it as a sofa table to hold your drinks and snacks.

Another pleasing aspect is that the unit is delivered pre-assembled, thereby saving you the hassle of installation. And adding to the user-friendliness are its durable knobs providing a seamless experience.

It’ll also please you to note that the table can hold a maximum weight of 50 lbs. So, you can store numerous items in the three drawers without the fear of its legs giving way.


  • Mirrored finish
  • Reflective appearance
  • Compact
  • Diamond-shaped knobs
  • Versatile


  • Knobs need readjusting
  • Short table

10. Baxton Studio Contemporary Mirrored Bed Side Table

Baxton Studio Rebecca Contemporary Multi-Faceted Mirrored Side Table

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This model has cemented its place among the top brands, thanks to the mirrored surface, glazed for a foxed effect. Plus, the MDF frame construction delivers the necessary durability, ensuring that it can withstand daily use to last a long time.

What’s more, the geometric design is eye-catching, but it has much more to offer than attractiveness. Due to the carefully crafted angles, when the light strikes the surface, it shoots off in different directions to illuminate the room. As a result, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room during the day when the sun shines brightly.

Other than that, this is a square-shaped model with a pedestal base for more stability. And it’s ideal for keeping stuff on the tabletop and storing various items in the drawer.


  • Beveled edge
  • Pedestal base
  • Geometric design
  • Foxed effect
  • Glazed surface


  • Needs maintenance
  • Sharp corners


We’ve reached the end of our guide, and hopefully, you picked up on the valuable traits of mirrored nightstands.

Before signing off, we’ve decided to highlight our favorite products in different categories to help you make an informed decision. Having looked at the list, it was almost a no-brainer that the Mecor Silver 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand delivers the best performance.

Apart from that, the Mecor Golden 3-Drawer Mirrored Nightstand offers more durability for a reliable experience. That’s all the time we have, but we’ll be back reviewing more exciting products reviews.