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Ottomans are a great piece of furniture to have at your disposal simply because of how versatile they can be. They can add a stylish splash of color to a room or serve as the last necessary piece to achieve the ultimate nap position. Or, they can provide you with some extra storage without limiting the ample space in your room.

Cheap Ottomans For Under $50

If you’re looking to buy yourself an ottoman, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to break down thirty of the best, most affordable ottomans on the market today. All of which will run you less than fifty bucks.

Let’s jump right in!

Cheap Ottomans For Under $50

Last prices update on 2023-12-04. Source: Amazon

1. Giantex 45″ Folding Storage Ottoman

Giantex 45' Folding Storage Ottoman Bench, Storage Chest to Support 660lbs, 165L Storage Trunk Footrest Padded Seat Coffee Table for Bedroom Hallway, Faux Leather, Brown

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Here we have a solid brown folding storage ottoman for just $45.99 if you choose to opt for the black style. There’s no flash with this option, but it’s got a decent amount of functions.

It’s a hefty 45″ in width, but that just means it’s got tons of space to store whatever it is you need, from blankets or books to snacks or other things. It also comes with a dividing board to organize your items better and features gentle sponge cushioning with delicate buttons. It’s also one of the simpler pieces to put together. And folds easily for stowing and storage when it’s not in use.

2. Otto & Ben 45″ Folding Ottoman Bench

Otto & Ben Folding Toy Box Chest with Smart Lift Top Mid Century Upholstered Ottomans Bench Foot Rest for Bedroom and Living Room, 45 inch, Moroccan Grey

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This entry from Otto & Ben is another hefty ottoman at 45 inches. Still, it comes in a more compact 30-inch option if 45 inches is a little too big for your room. And has a convernient foldable feature. This means that it can be wrapped up and tucked away if it’s not needed at any time.

This ottoman has a sleek, modern pattern stitched into its cushion foam padding. Which makes it a beautiful accent piece in any room. It also has spacious storage for any items you want to put away.

It’s built with a sturdy medium-density fiberboard. However, all appearances aside, this ottoman seems much more fit as a footrest than an actual seat in our humble oppinion.

Nonetheless, whether you go with Moroccan Grey, Moroccan Brown, Octagon Blue, Octagon Red, or Retro Floral. This wonderful piece of furniture from Otto & Ben will be a great-looking and functional addition to your space. We personally suggest going for the Retro Floral style as the colors really pop with that one.

3. Songmics 43″ Storage Ottoman Bench

SONGMICS 43 Inches Folding Storage Ottoman Bench, Storage Chest, Footrest, Coffee Table, Padded Seat, Faux Leather, Holds up to 660 lb, Brown ULSF703, L(15 x 43 x 15 Inches)

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It’s look and size somehow make you think it can serve in any role. Whether footrest, bed stool, toy chest, or coffee table. The simple design makes it a welcome addition to any room you choose. And the 120 liters of storage are a significant bonus to this option.

The wooden divider included also makes for more organized storage, while the effortless foldability allows for the ottoman itself to be stored easily. The faux leather makes it very easy to clean and maintain with a simple cleaning wipe to do the trick.

Ranging in price from $49.99 to $52.99. And across five color options from black to beige, you’re sure to be satisfied with this option.

4. Sable 43″ Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

Sable 43'' Folding Storage Ottoman Bench, Faux Leather Footrest Seat Bench with Highly Elastic Sponge Filling, Black

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This lovely piece from Sable is one of the more classic Ottomans on our list. It’s got the delicate buttons and premium faux leather you think of when you think of the textbook definition of an ottoman. It’s also got the sturdiness and strength to perform as a multi-purpose piece of furniture.

It’s 43 inches wide and supports up to 330 pounds, and its 15-inch height is perfect for resting your feet on while you kick back and relax, not too high, not too low.

The premium PVC black leather finish is also pleasant on the eyes and is also easy to clean since it’s mostly water-resistant.

5. NISUNS Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

NISUNS OT03 30 Inch Linen Fabric Foldable Storage Bench Ottoman, Beige

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A stylish addition to any room in need of some space-saving hacks. This option from NISUNS is a bargain at just $39.99. This ottoman bench collapses on itself so you can hide it when you don’t need it, but we doubt that will happen.

Beige or grey, this piece will look great in any room you put it in. And the thick cushioning means it won’t be shunned as a sitting option either. The soft edges also mean no children will hurt themselves with this piece in your space. Its 400-pound capacity means it doesn’t discriminate against any potential sitter either.

6. Sorbus Faux Leather Storage Ottoman Bench

Sorbus Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Chest – Leather Ottoman with Storage- 43 inch Long Hold up 700lbs, Bedroom, Entryway, Coffee Table, Bed end, Toy Trunk Padded Seat, Footrest, Foot Stool - Black

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Sorbus Faux has one of the sleeker ottoman designs on our list. It’s designed using pretty black faux PVC leather upholstery with comfy cushioned padding finished with clearly skillful top-stitching and button-tufting detail.

Its spacious storage area will reduce clutter in any setting. At the same time, the design allows it to blend in or stand out of any room you choose, from a dorm to a high-powered office.

It’s foldability and being generally lightweight also lend themselves to making this one of the most portable and easy to store options on our list.

7. AuAg Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

AuAg Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Faux Leather Toy Box/Chest Window Padded Seat Foot Rest Storage Easy to Assemble (Beige, 30')

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This ottoman is a great family option because it can handle a heavy load of 750 pounds of weight and will give you exceptional dependability. It can handle up to two adults and three children climbing all over it.

And don’t be surprised if they do, considering it could be a great space to tuck your kids’ toys away to cut down on all the clutter in your shared areas.

Just like many other options on our list, it’s foldable, and the PVC leather also allows for an easy clean up if and when kids engage in some spillage.

The whopping 43-inch option is just $49.99, while the more compact 30-inch variant goes for $37.99, making both of these options friendly on a budgeting family’s wallet as well.

8. B FSOBEIIALEO Storage Ottoman Bench

B FSOBEIIALEO Folding Storage Ottoman Bench with Faux Leather Footrest Seat, Coffee Table 30'x15'x15'

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This piece from B Fsobeiialeo is definitely an eye-catcher with its popping, bright colors, and classic road sign collage design that’s sure to add a nice flair to your interior décor.

While this is great ottoman for any person and any room, it will definitely fit perfectly in a dorm room or any other space with an assortment of colorful furniture. And it’s not just a looker either.

It has excellent storage volume, holds up to 550 pounds of weight, folds away neatly. And features a comfy sponge cushioned cover that make the $38.99 price-tag 100% justified in all regards.

9. YOUDENOVA 30″ Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

YOUDENOVA 30 inches Folding Storage Ottoman, 80L Storage Bench for Bedroom and Hallway, Faux Leather Brown Footrest with Foam Padded Seat, Support 350lbs

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Youdenova provides us with a useful ottoman bench here for just $39.99. In black and brown, this piece will effortlessly fade into the background of your sitting area while serving its purpose as a comfy seat or footrest.

It can handle 350 pounds of static weight, has 80 liters of premium storage space. And collapses from 15 inches down to 2.5 when you want to fold and place it away.

10. Camabel Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

Camabel Folding Storage Ottoman Bench Cube Holds Up to 660lbs 30 inch Fabric Storage Chest with Memory Foam Seat Footrest Padded Upholstered Tufted for Bedroom BG364

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This comfy-looking entry from Camabel costs just $40.99 a pop. It comes in an unassuming grey color and features comfy sponge cushioning covered in lovely button-tufted fabric.

It’s got a sizeable seating capacity and a weight-limit of 660 pounds. It also features a substantial amount of storage space, and is also easily collapsible.

No matter in which room you choose to place this ottoman, it will fit right in. Whether as a much-needed footrest, or that extra seat that you needed to fill out your seating arrangement.

11. Homfa Large Folding Ottoman Bench

The Homfa Folding Bench is a perfect ottoman if you are looking for both storage and sleek design. It is a long bench, spanning 43 inches and can hold 660 pounds of static weight, allowing for several people to sit on it at once. This is great if you decide to have friends over at your house. And want an extra sitting area to combine with your couch.

It has a high-density sponge and padded finish, which makes for a comfortable sitting or footrest, especially if you had a hard day at work and are looking for a bit of meaningful relaxation.

Its ample storage space has the capacity of 120L to organize toys, pillows, clothes, and shoes. So, if you have a plethora of items lying around that need to be put away. This ottoman might just be the ideal option for you.

Whether you opt for the beige, black, brown, or grey variants. You will surely find the right match to go with your other furniture. However, the prices do range depending on the color you select, though.

12. Bonnlo Faux Leather Storage Ottoman

Bonnlo Extra Large 43' Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Cube Bench/Foot Rest Seat/Coffee Table White

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This Ottoman from Bonnlo comes with a decent degree of customizability that most of the other options on our list don’t have.

This comfy and chic piece comes either as a 15x15x15 cube style for $15.99, a 30-inch two-seater variant at $29.99, or a classic 43-inchs ottoman at $36.99.

And whether you’re looking to use it as a storage space, an extra seat or a footrest. The sheen of the premium leather will add a nice touch to any room its placed in, complementing it’s incredible functionality all that much more.

13. OOTORI Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

OOTORI Folding Storage Ottoman Bench, Faux Leather Storage Chest Footrest Seat Bench with Highly Elastic Sponge Filling, 43' L x 15' W x 15' H, Brown

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As yet another entry with several size options, the Ootori folding storage ottoman bench is a fantastic addition to any living space. However, keep in mind that unlike other ottomans covered in this list, this one doesn’t feature a cube options.

It comes in a standard 30 and 43-inch size and is a little pricier at $42 for the smaller version and $54 for the large one.

However, despite the added price – whether you want it to be a stylish end bench or a useful storage space for your odds and ends. It will definitely look and play the part for you.

14. Casa Pura Folding Storage Ottoman Stool

casa pura Large Folding Ottoman with Storage | Luxury Upholstered Storage Bench for Bedroom & Living Room | Faux Leather - Brown | Multiple Sizes and Colors - 42 x 15 x 15\

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If you’ve got just a handful of items that you want to keep on hand, but out of view, this attractive cube-style option from Casa Pura is for you.

The 15x15x 5 size clocks in at just $24.95, while the slightly larger 30-inch size costs only $36.95. And it’s not an overstatement to say that this ottoman is as pretty as it is useful.

It has beautiful faux black leather fitted with decorative stitching and button-tufting to serve as the perfect accent for any room design, while providing a much-needed bit of comfort at the same time.

15. Sinoluck Storage Ottoman Bench

This entry from Sinoluck is a neat addition to just about any seating area or bedroom at just a meager $35.99. It’s quick and easy to assemble, it helpfully folds away with ease. And it’s surprisingly durable given it’s low price point.

This ottoman features a 660-pound capacity which makes it a great seating option for practically anyone. It’s also fitted with cushioned seating covered with black faux leather. That creates the possibility to match it with almost any color combination already dominating your room to add a nice aesthetic touch. That blends perfectly into the existing décor that you’ve got going.

16. Home Soft Things Super Mink Ottoman Bench

Home Soft Things Super Mink Faux Fur Gray Ottoman Bench 19' x 13' x 17', Charcoal, Living Room Foot Rest Stool Entryway Makeup Bench End of Bed Bedroom Home Decor Chair for Sitting

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Home Soft Things offers a fantastic one-seater ottoman that’s in our price range, coming in at just $46.99. And unlike the other faux leather or PVC leatherette options we’ve covered so far. This ottoman features some very luxurious mink.

It’s got a modern, zen design with skinny metallic legs supporting a seat fitted with incredibly soft mink. That provides for some extra comfort and adds a nice aesthetic touch to your interior.

Feature-wise, is a simple ottoman bench, but it makes up for it with customizability. Coming in a wide assortment of colors (17 to be exact), ranging from Blue Mirage to Oatmeal to Jasper Red.

If you are looking for a particular color to match your room or furniture, just have a browse, and we’re sure you’ll find something that you’ll love. Our personal favorite was the Dragonfly color-scheme.

17. Nathan James Cube Storage Ottoman Footrest

Nathan James 71103 Payton Foldable Fabric Ottoman with Wooden Lid, Cube Footstool with Storage Space for Footrest and Seat, Gray

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Another adorable entry in the cube ottoman category, these pieces go for as low as $39.68 each. These ottomans from Nathan James are offered in beautiful grey or beige designs. They will fit in with any look, even in a sophisticated office and workspace, just as well as they would in your living room.

And it’s worth mentioning that they can serve as both a footrest or an extra seat, while also providing the owner with some accessible storage space.

What’s most handy, though, is that the top of the ottoman can also be used as a functional rosewood-finish tray to keep your drinks or snacks on while you relax.

18. Seville Foldable Storage Ottoman Footrest

Seville Classics Cushioned Fabric Ottoman Hidden Storage Chest Footrest Chair, Padded Seat for Bedroom, Dorm, Loft, Living Room, Entryway, Hallway, Modern Gray, 15.7' Cube (2-Pack)

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These small, foldable cube ottoman footrests are sold in sets of two at a bargain price of just $34.99. They come fitted with comfy polyester cushioning designed with a stern yet elegant and refined marled grey color.

Though these pieces from Seville are minuscule coming in at only 15.7×15.7×15.7 in size. They offer decent storage space as well as up to 400 pounds of seating support. Which is just enough for most people to be able to sit comfortably without worrying about the ottoman breaking.

These ottomans also come in several color and material options. Ranging from a textile fabric finish to quilted, faux leather and even tweed. The color palette also ranges from white to midnight blue, several shades of grey and finally – black. With so many options to choose from and an incredibly affordable price tag, this ottoman is an easy choice that you won’t regret.

19. Lavish Home Foldable Storage Cube Ottoman

Lavish Home Foldable Storage Cube Ottoman with Pockets – Multipurpose Footrest Organizer for Bedroom, Living Room, Dorm or RV (Pair, Charcoal Gray),

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Another attractive option that is sold in pairs, these Lavish Home ottoman sets sell for $34.95. The color options offer a selection between charcoal grey, linen brown, or beige. All of which provide a nice and neutral option to accentuate your interior design without taking the focus off of your centerpiece furniture.

These ottomans also feature ample storage space with 2 pockets sewn on the outside to help you keep essential items at hand, without cluttering up your space.

However, unlike many of the other options we’ve reviewed – these ottomans only feature a 330-pound weight capacity. Making them better suited to be used as footrests or accents for your décor rather than extra seating.

20. Ornavo Home Cube Storage Ottoman Stool

Ornavo Home Foldable Tufted Linen Storage Ottoman Square Cube Foot Rest Stool/Seat - 15' x 15' x 15' (Grey)

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Ornavo enters our list with one of the most cost-effective entries in our cubic ottoman section at just $29.99. These Ottomans are offered in four lovely colors: charcoal gray, gray, navy, and classic black.

Great as an end bench or footrest, these are smaller pieces that aren’t generally used for sitting. They still have useful storage abilities and can act as an attractive kids’ stool to go with other furniture in the house. The charcoal gray and blue options are especially easy on the eyes and blend in well with just about any room.

21. Baxton Studio Bonded Leather Cube Ottoman

Baxton Studio Brown Lave Cube Shaped Bonded Leather Ottoman, Small

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This fashionable ottoman from Braxton Studio costs just around $37.71, and it will be money well-spent. Despite the fact that it doesn’t necessarily offer much more in terms of versatility (mainly in the storage and foldability department) compared to other options on our list. It is one of the better-looking pieces on our list.

However, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t expect the typical flexibility of it doubling as an extra seat or footstool.

The color-rich brown bonded leather upholstery gives any room a refined vintage feel. It also comes fitted with a sturdy hardwood frame so that one adult can sit comfortably knowing that it won’t collapse.

22. Cortesi Home Braque Tufted Cube Ottoman

Cortesi Home Braque Tufted Cube Ottoman in Leather Like Vinyl, Red

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This simple yet elegant option from Cortesi is satisfying both in terms of its design, functionality and price. While it doesn’t come with the foldability or storage bonuses of some of our earlier entries. It also requires no assembly.

It’s light enough to move around with ease, while being durable enough for you to expect it to last for years if not decades on end. And did we mention that it only costs $43.99.

This ottoman has a surprisingly durable frame allowing you to use it as a seat, footrest or even a coffee table. And it’s worth noting that it comes in nine impressive designs, each more unique than the next. These beautifully-tufted vinyl cubes will surely add a modest burst of color to your décor.

23. WoneNice Folding Cube Storage Ottoman

WoneNice Folding Storage Ottoman Cube Foot Rest Stool Seat- 15' x 15'

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Coming in four rich and lovely color schemes, these $25 folding cube storage ottomans from WoneNice will add a nice touch of saturated color to any room setup.

They come fitted with thick sponge cushioning and a thick frame to support a reasonable seating capacity. And these cute pieces are also wonderfully tufted. And feature ample storage space to help you keep important items close by, but out of view.

24. Fresh Home Round Storage Ottoman

Fresh Home Elements FHE 15” Round Tufted Folding Storage Ottoman, 15 x 15 x 15, Black Vegan Faux Leather, Easy Transformation for Extra Storage, Seating, and Foot Rest, Family, Guests, Decluttering

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These pretty pieces from Fresh Home serve a dual purpose, doubling as both an extra seating arrangement and a convenient storage space.

However, with just 200 pounds of static weight capacity, many grown men will want to think twice before plopping down on this ottoman.

Assembly requires no tools and shouldn’t take more than thirty seconds, given that you get very detailed and simple to follow instructions out of the box.

And like many of the other entries this ottoman also features a foldability feature allowing for easy and simple stowing. If you ever need to make a little extra room or move it out of the way.

25. Kings Brand Josue Round Ottoman Stool

Kings Brand Furniture Josue Round Ottoman Stool, Black Vinyl

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Offered in five chic color designs, these cute little stools from Kings Brand Furniture range in price from $33.48 to $36.88 depending on the options you choose.

Not only do they add a refreshing pop of color to any setting. Their compact nature means they’re not cumbersome when you need to move them around or stow them away. Whether it’s family visiting, or hosting friends, these little ottoman stools are the perfect solution.

However, just like a few of the other entries on this list. These are circular stools, and they don’t feature a cube option. But with the versatile dimensions, beautiful vinyl cover and incredibly comfortable padding that they offer. These stools are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a more flowing and well-rounded interior layout.

26. BirdRock Round Velvet Ottoman Stool

BIRDROCK HOME Round Grey Velvet Ottoman Foot Stool – Soft Compact Padded Vanity Stool - Great for The Living Room, Bedroom and Kids Room - Small Furniture (Grey)

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Ranging in price from $39.96 to $49.96. This ottoman comes in a wide array of color options from Dusty Rose to Moss Green. This option from BirdRock is an excellent addition to any living room, dorm or co-working space.

The variety of colors means it will undoubtedly fit with whatever vibe you’ve got going on, and the velvet design results in one of the softer and comfier options on our list.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that this ottoman wasn’t designed to double as a seat. And instead serves the sole purpose of being an incredibly comfortable foot-rest.

27. Edeco Modern Round Ottoman Stool

Edeco Modern Round Ottoman Foot Rest Stool/Seat Pouf Ottoman with Linen Fabric and Non-Skid Wooden Legs (Grey)

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This diminutive option from Edeco may not seem like it could handle much at first glance. But, it can actually support up to a solid 250 pounds of static weight. Despite being used more as a footrest, this $34.99 ottoman stool can easily double as an extra seat.

It comes in a lovely beige fabric but also features several playful design options that can give your living room or kids’ corner a playful twist.

The short, stocky beige wooden feet also add a bit of a bamboo zen feel. And come fitted with anti-skidd pads to prevent sliding and any potential scratches on your floor.

28. Duhome Modern Round Ottoman Stool

Here is one of the most unique options on our list. These modern round ottoman stools from Duhome run a $49.99 price tag, but trust us when we say that they are most certainly worth the investment.

They’re a little taller than most options out there, at 17.7 inches high, but that’s not nearly tall enough to cause an issue and is actually incredibly comfortable.

This option has a very elegant classic style, which is perfect for your living room or patio. The grey velvet seat combined with the intriguing, slender gold metal legs gives any room a vibrant ’70s retro-luxury look.

29. Scriptract Modern Small Ottoman Footrest

Scriptract makes it onto our list with the perfect classic ottoman footrest. And while it doesn’t have much functionality as a storage space or seat. This is definitely one of the most comfortable footrests that we’ve got on our list.

It sports a modern design, guaranteed to fit in with practially any assortment of furniture you’ve got in your home. And is 100% anti-slip and waterproof, making for easy stress-free cleanup if it ever gets dirty or if you spill something on it.

This ottoman has a very durable wooden frame supported with high-quality plastic legs that can withstand 300lb of weight. It’s also designed with lovely stitching and gorgeous PU leather to top it all off and make it an excellent stylish addition to your space.

And it even features a zipper pocket that can be used to store handy things like your wallet, keys, or phone while you rest!

30. Joveco Square Ottoman Footrest Stool

Joveco Small Footstool Ottoman, PU Leather Footrest Square Foot Stool with Non-Skid Plastic Legs, Modern Pets Step Stool for Couch Desk Office Living Room (Grey)

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This ottoman stool from Joveco is precisely the right size and height needed for a relaxing and comfortable footrest. It is made from solid wood for a nice degree of added durability. And features a high-quality sponge for added comfort.

The leather is high-grade, so it is easy to clean and maintain. While also being waterproof, and can even be washed with a wet cloth.

However, this option is missing out on features such as not being able to fold it up and stow it away, or the ability to use it as a seating arrangement. It is strictly a footrest that you use when reading a book or watching television. And overall, it is a pleasant and unassuming piece for your seating area.


With our extensive research, it is unlikely you’ll find any better affordable options under $50 than the ones we’ve covered in our list. Having read this guide, you’re now fully prepared to go out. And pick up an amazing and comfortable ottoman for your living area.

We’ve reviewed some of the top ottomans and covered the most important features like foldability, spacious storage, and weight capacity. Along with the staple aesthetic appeal and high-quality material composition.

While a few of the options on our list can really only serve as a footrest or end bench. Most could do all of the above and much more, making the ottoman one of the most versatile pieces of furniture for your home. No matter your style or taste, we’ve surely covered an ottoman that will fulfill the vision you have for your living room.

Whether you’re looking for a simple footrest as you watch your favorite movie, or a comfortable extra stool for your living room.

We hope to have given you a bit of extra inspiration along with a few fantastic options to kick-start your own short-list on your quest to find the perfect ottoman.