12 Cheap Sectional Sofas Under $400

There’s nothing quite like sinking into a lovely, soft sofa at the end of a long, hard day. And if you’ve ever experienced the added room of a sectional. You know that they can make relaxing or resting that much more therapeutic.

Whether it’s finished with leather, linen, or fabric. The cushion underneath the exterior is what’s most important for a comfy nap or binge-watching session. You have to be able to mesh with the cushions, but not so much that it engulfs you.

Not to mention, you also have to think about capacity if you have a family. Or, find yourself hosting or entertaining often. Then there’s also look, design, and price.

Cheap Sectional Sofas Under $400

There’s a lot to consider when buying a small space sectional sofa. So we’re here to assist you with an in-depth guide to the 12 best cheap sectional sofas under $400.

You’ll be laying back, comfier than ever with an even lighter wallet after going out. And buying one of the dozen small space sectional sofas we’ve curated for you.

Don’t take our word for it, as each person is unique and has their individual preferences. Consider the different aspects of a sectional sofa that we examine, determine which ones are most important to you. And make your buying decision accordingly. Here comes help!

Cheap Sectional Sofas Under $400

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1. BLF L-Shape Sectional Couch

Sectional Sofa, L-Shape Sectional Couch with Reversible Chaise, Couches and Sofas with Modern Linen Fabric for Small Space (Grey-Blue)

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We start with an offering from Best-Living Furniture, the L-Shape Sectional Couch, to be exact. This lovely piece comes in gray or a much more excellent gray-blue color scheme.

The gray-blue is much easier on the eyes. And can blend in well with any room design you already have going as well. This sectional is also a convertible, which means if you want to switch to regular sofa mode. And remove the ottoman that makes it an L-shape sofa, you can.

At 77-inches wide, it can comfortably fit three seated adults. And one comfortably lounging on its high-density cushions made of AAA fiber foam.

The fiber continues to get soft over time, which means the longer you have this couch, the comfier it gets. It’s also sturdy, with a durable frame made with excellent quality wood and five solid wood legs.

2. Honbay Modern Linen Fabric L-Shape Couch

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch for Small Apartment, L Shaped Sofa Couch with Linen Fabric and Reversible Chaise Grey (Gainsboro)

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Next up, we have an excellent L-shape couch made with modern linen from Honbay. With either the gray or the gainsboro color design. This small space sectional will fit in nicely in your sitting room.

This one, like the BLF option, is also convertible in case someone wants to use the ottoman somewhere else in the room to give the space a better flow. While also giving you the option of making the L curve to the right, or the left end of the couch.

The modern linen fabric is very soft, but it’s also durable and will contour as you use it over time. Assembly is required, but the instructions are clear and straightforward and don’t require any outside tools or knowledge.

3. Honbay Modern Black Faux Leather Sectional

HONBAY Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Couch, Convertible Sectional Sofa L Shaped Couch with Faux Leather for Small Space, Black

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Here we have Honbay offering a very similar model to the one we featured at no. 2, but with a very different finish. This small space sofa has the same 79-inch width. That makes it a perfect fit for any living room arrangement, from a large house to a small apartment or condo.

This one, however, is finished with beautiful jet black faux leather instead of the linen fabric. It’s not real leather, but it’s still adding a hefty $75 onto your price tag.

The deep black of this faux leather honestly gives this one a different feel as it. Would fit in much better with a more monochromatic, minimal room design. Someone who already has a lot of leather or faux leather pieces might also be interested in this piece to add to their collection as well.

4. Honbay Gray Convertible Sectional Sofa

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch, L-Shaped Couch with Modern Linen Fabric for Small Space Light Grey

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Honbay again provides us with a large convertible sectional sofa option here. This one kind of splits the difference in terms of price, but features possibly the best look across the Honbay board.

Instead of the classic, inoffensive, and boring light gray, you can make a bit of a statement with a beautiful deep gray that is nearly navy.

This piece in this color won’t take attention away from you, but also won’t sit there quietly either. It’s going to get noticed. And like all of its Honbay sectionals, this entry gets better with time like fine wine.

If you sat in the same spot on this couch every day for a year, you’d end up with a cushion imprint that fits you perfectly. But more importantly, provides you with unmatched comfort.

5. Honbay Dark Beige Convertible Sectional Sofa

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch, L-Shaped Couch with Modern Linen Fabric for Small Space Dark Beige

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Another spot on our list, another Honbay product. We’d say we have a soft spot for the people over at Honbay, but that already seems pretty obvious. Here we get one of the cheaper Honbay options.

This version with the Dark Beige coloring is a choice for someone who’s looking for a much more natural, zen feeling to their room and maybe even a Carribean vibe.

This one features lovely, firm cushions that contour your body over time. And a convertible function to move the sectional part of the couch wherever you please, much like its Honbay cousins on this list.

6. Walsunny Gray Reversible Chaise Sectional Sofa

Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Reversible Chaise, L-Shaped Couch with Modern Linen Fabric for Small Space (Dark Grey)

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Oh, wait, did you think this was just going to be a list of our favorite Honbay products? We can see how you might have gotten that feeling, but every one of those beautiful pieces truly deserves to be on our list, just like our next option.

Here we introduce Walsunny, another of our favorite sectional sofa manufacturers. Assembly is required, but as per usual, there are no extra tools or know-how necessary than what comes in the box, so no need to worry there. While this is a little slimmer at just under 77 inches, it still has an impressive 660-pound capacity to it.

7. Walsunny Dark Gray L-Shaped Sectional Sofa

We come back again to another L-shaped sectional sofa of the dark gray persuasion. This shade of dark gray is also very arresting and pleasing, but not quite as much as the Honbay version.

The small, compact nature of these Walsunnys. Which are just under 77 inches wide yet still hold over 650 pounds confidently. Make them a good fit for any apartment or room-size you’re considering buying it for.

The convertible nature of this Walsunny small space sofa. Also means you can put the ottoman on the left side, the right side, in the middle. Or, apart from the couch altogether. It’s all about who needs (or deserves) a little extra lounging space.

8. Walsunny Modern Linen Fabric Sectional Sofa

This coffee/brown flavor of Walsunny’s modern linen fabric sectional sofa may be similar to its dark gray counterpart, but that doesn’t mean it’s not unique. Different colors give off completely different feels to different people.

To some, a brown couch is the last thing you want, but for others with a more throwback, rustic feel to their living space.

This pleasant light brown shade is the perfect piece to complete the look of a room. And fit in with other furniture if you’re aiming for something a little more colonial, rustic or contemporary.

It’s versatile and exceedingly simple to put together, and it has ample space for everyone. Four adults can fit happily on the sofa while another makes do with the extra sectional part.

It’s also perfect for those classic two-person sectional naps with each one occupying their section of the couch, with an overlap at the intersection of the L.

9. Giantex Beige Convertible Sectional Sofa

Giantex Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch w/Back Cushion, L-Shaped Sofa Couch Plus Reversible Chaise, Linen Fabric Loveseat Couch for Small Space (Beige)

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This beauty from Giantex features all the convertibility of the others, with the sectional part fitting in nicely on either side of the sofa. While also providing the possibility of a comfortable footrest or coffee table.

The beige color makes one feel at peace. And the high-density sponge and pocket coils featuring ultra elasticity only add to that peaceful feeling. The soft linen fabric also gives you permeability and tactility.

The massaging back cushion can also relieve any tension and muscle pain you have after a hard day at work, with a high armrest to relax your arms and shoulders. And did we mention that it has two heat centers in the back as well?

A full sectional couch of this quality is already a bargain at under $300 but add on the fact that it has massage capabilities. And this couch could be the deal to steal for the new year.

10. Giantex Gray Convertible Sectional Sofa

Giantex Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

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Giantex doesn’t hold back on anything it seems, as they’ve also got a splendid light gray color scheme for this affordable, state of the art convertible sectional sofa. It looks great in any room design and can fit in with any space configuration thanks to its convertible flexibility.

The light gray isn’t an ideal color, but if you’re looking mainly for something comfy that can almost blend into the rest of the decor, this could be the one for you.

It does also have the heat massage capabilities of its beige counterpart. Which puts it a cut above most of the affordable small space sectional sofas out there.

11. JY QAQA Sectional Sofa

Hopping over the $300 threshold for the first time on our list since the first entry. We’ve got a sofa that has lots to offer to the prospective owner. It’s got strong, durable legs that are easy to assemble onto the couch. And can withstand weights up to 660 pounds.

Like all of our choices on this list, it’s a great small space sectional sofa option at under 80 inches of width. And features the right degree of versatility with it’s convertible added section.

You can have a sofa with a pretty matching ottoman on both sides, or you can use the long cushion. And have yourself an L-shape sofa on either the left or the right side depending on the configuration of your room.

These small space sectionals also come in two different colors: a sort of marled gray or beautiful brown color. Either way, you go, you’re going to end up with a sturdy elegant and extremely comfortable sofa from JY QAQA that will last you a long time.

12. PieDle Convertible Sectional Sofa

PieDle Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch L-Shaped Couch with Reversible Chaise Modern Linen Fabric for Small Space Yellow

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If you are looking for a unique style to put into your living room, look no further. The beautiful yellow color might not fit with every design, but you are getting a stunning couch that can breathe a bit of life into your décor. While offering all of the other benefits you’d expect from a sectional sofa.

Despite being small, it can hold up to 650lb with a sturdy hardwood frame. And serpentine spring for heavy load and long-term use.

It has a wide armrest and features very comfortable fabric that makes it absolutely perfect for a quick nap during the day.

Similar to other sofas on our list, it has a convertible sectional, which means you can customize the layout of the couch. And not have to stick to one position indefinitely. This is helpful if you have other furniture around and have little space to work with.


When it comes to affordable small space sectional sofas. It doesn’t get much better than the dozen we’ve reviewed for you. We didn’t go above $310 with any of our choices. So someone with a bit of a limited budget should have no trouble finding the perfect small space sectional sofa.

We’ve seen a lovely array of color schemes and designs, familiarized ourselves with the essential yet trivial nature of the convertible features. And introduced ourselves to a few sectional couches with massage capabilities that truly have it all.

So, to help you get a head start on your short-list, here’s our top pick!

We absolutely love and adore the BLF L-Shape Sectional Couch. It is a breeze to assemble, with easy-to-read instructions, and doesn’t require expert installation. The back cushions have AA fiber foam, which guarantees a pleasant sitting experience that only gets softer with long-term use.

It has all the features you are looking for when it comes to being able to elegantly fit it into your small living room or apartment.

And its sleek design, modern linen fabric, and sturdy plywood will bring you all the convenience, comfort, and style you could possibly want in a sectional couch.