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Although people are starting to move away from traditional television, in favor of a more sophisticated look. The TV still reigns supreme as the focal point of any living room or entertainment area.

Some people are calling their living room, the ‘TV room’ because of how essential it is in just about any household across the globe. More often than not, the whole vibe of a room can be built around the television. And where does it sit? Nine times out of ten, it’s standing proudly on a TV stand.

Cheap TV Stands Under $50

Buying a TV stand can be quite an overwhelming experience. With options ranging all over the place in terms of look, size, and capability. Not to mention the fact that some of the more advanced ones can easily set you back more than a thousand dollars.

If you’ve already invested in an affordable TV screen, with picture-perfect quality. You may be wondering about how you can save a little extra money on a TV stand without ruining your budget.

Thankfully, we are here to help you with our guide to the Top 15 TV stands for under $50!

Cheap TV Stands Under $50

1. Furinno Large TV Stand for Up To 50-Inch TV

Furinno JAYA TV Stand for up to 50-Inch TV

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Let’s start off with a true classic in terms of TV stand design. This option from Furinno starts at a little over $40, and there’s nothing not to love about this piece. It’s made from composite wood, and sturdy PVC tubing. Which gives it a very classic, black-and-brown look that will perfectly accommodate any television with a screen width of up to 50 inches.

You do, however, have to assemble it yourself if you don’t want to pay twice the cost of the stand itself to get ‘experts’ to do it. The instructions are easy-to-read, making it more than doable by yourself. Once the stand is up, you’ll have a perfect throne for your TV with two shelf areas for any other electronic boxes or gadgets.

2. Furinno Simple Design Corner TV Stand

Furinno JAYA Simple Design Corner TV Stand, French Oak Grey/Black

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Another TV stand from Furinno, checking in at #2 and costing just below $35. This one has an entirely different look than the last Furinno, with the French oak grey color design giving it a much more modern and sleek feel. This T.V. stand can handle 44-inch television sets while providing you with six lovely compartments to display or place items.

The stand itself is made of durable composite wood. And solid black plastic tubes for optimal sturdiness, especially for wider TVs. But, to put it together, you’ll need some tools to twist the tubes to strengthen its stability. It’s generous sizing also means that it’ll fit in your space just as well as it’ll fit in your budget.

3. Furinno Turn-N-Tube TV Entertainment Center

Furinno Turn-S-Tube Wide TV Entertainment Center, Columbia Walnut/Black

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This particular Turn-N-Tube TV Entertainment Center takes the tube design and makes it the main selling point. With this option, you also won’t require any experts or tools to put it all together. All you’ll need is the instruction booklet and your hands to twist the tubes into one another.

It also features durable E1 grade composite wood, black plastic tubes, and is widely recognized as a green label product. It has several color combinations, our favorites are the french grey, with dark tubbing or Columbia walnut with black tubes. Though, you really can’t go wrong with either.

4. Furinno Turn-N-Tube No Tools 3-Tier TV Stand

Furinno Turn-N-Tube No Tools 3-Tier Entertainment Center TV Stand for TV up to 32 Inch, Plastic Round Tubes, Columbia Walnut/Black

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This simple three-tier stand has a simple, classic style that can add a nice accent to any room you put it in. It has a weight rating of up to 50 pounds and can house a TV up to 32-inches in width. Just like other Furinno models that we’ve covered, this stand uses a durable PVC tube, manufactured to withstand heavy loads.

Below the TV mount, you’ll find several mini-storage areas to keep your items organized and in place. Its unique structure allows for your accessories and audio wires to be kept neat and untangled. And its smart design allows for entirely hassle-free assembly as well. It has a twist, turn, and stack mechanism that allow you to put it together by hand in only a matter of minutes.

5. Furinno Indo TV Swivel Stand

FURINNO Indo Swivel Shelf for TV, 23.5'

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Here we get a little bit of a change of pace from Furinno as we ditch the twist-n-tube design and go with a more elegant and minimalist design. This option comes in both a 23.5-inch size for $21.24 and a larger 31.4-inch version at $48.30. This swivel stand may be sitting low-to-the-ground, but don’t underestimate it. It will give you the perfect viewing angle, almost every-time.

With its swivel abilities, you can expect a smooth 360-degree full rotation. Allowing you to angle it perfectly, no matter where in the room the stand is housed. This also comes in handy if you want to watch television in another room or sitting area.

It has a beautiful, espresso finish. And an ample storage space at the bottom to hide away any small items you have. Its design allows for a totally customized watching experience while fitting most of the modern range of flat-screen TVs with no issues.

6. Convenience Concepts 3-Tier TV Stand

Convenience Concepts 3-Tier TV Stand, Designs2Go, Cherry

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Now we’ll introduce the other heavyweight when it comes to quality and affordable TV stands, Convenience Concepts. This three-tiered entry offers an excellent level of customizability with its nine different color options. So you can easily find one that fits with the vision you have picked out for your living room.

Whether it’s cherry that tickles your fancy or it’s light oak that catches your eye. You will be getting a quality piece of furniture made with the finest materials. The composition of the stand is particleboard, melamine, stainless steel, and plastic. Which together can hold up a 32-inch TV without fail. This stand will refresh any outdated home decor and can be assembled without tools in no more than four steps.

7. Convenience Concepts 2-Tier Swivel TV Stand

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Two Tier Swivel Riser, Cherry

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Convenience Concepts brings us another high-quality T.V. stand that doesn’t disappoint in the least. It has a two-tier swivel action, with full 360-degree rotation. It can be placed on an existing table, countertop, or even another TV stand to help make your TV’s viewing angle “just right” . And give you the best viewing experience possible.

For such a small stand, it can hold up an impressive 60-pounds which equates to a 20-inch flat-screen TV. The surface is made from durable fiberboard and has firm legs. Allowing you to place some small items into the bottom shelves without it falling apart.

This model can also fit in perfectly with practically any décor, blending in well with all of the other other furniture pieces in your home. You can choose from a beautiful cherry or black wood finish, accented perfectly by stainless steel poles. We highly recommend this swivel stand if you are looking for something affordable, functional and elegant all in one.

8. Convenience Concepts 3-Tier Wide TV Stand

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go 3-Tier Wide TV Stand, Espresso

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This option from Convenience Concepts is far more spacious than the last few. It features a three-tier design with added dimension length for more ledge space for you to display your family photos, awards or other trinkets.

The shine of the stainless steel bars perfectly offsets the woodgrain finish of the shelves to give the set a chic and classy vibe. It also requires no tools for assembly and is extremely easy to put together.

Going for around $50, it offers a nice variety of color schemes, with options ranging from a dark espresso brown to a natural cherry brown finish. And even a modern gray and silver look.

9. Mounting Dream Universal TV Stand

Mounting Dream Universal TV Stand - Table Top TV Stands for 42-60 Inch LCD LED TVs, 4 Height Adjustable TV Base Stand with Tempered Glass Base and Anti-tip Strap, Max VESA 600x400mm 99 LBS, MD5109-KD

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At first glance, this stand may appear a bit overwhelming with in terms of its design. However, when it comes to its practicality – it is a lot more simple than it looks. This sturdy piece can hold a TV weighing up to 99 pounds and can be adjusted to four different heights. You can customize the stand size based on your preferred viewing experience. And easily make it fit in well with the rest of your furniture.

The eight-millimeter tempered glass base provides safe and stable support for the TV. So you won’t have to worry about it wobbling or falling unexpectedly. The Mounting Dream TV stand also comes with every necessary component and tool that you will need to assemble it at no additional cost.

10. TAVR Universal Swivel Tabletop TV Stand

TAVR Universal Swivel TV Stand Base Tabletop TV Stand for 27 32 42 43 47 50 55 inch LCD LED Flat Screen TV-Height Adjustable TV Mount Stand with Tempered Glass Base,Hold up to 88lbs,MAX VESA 400x400mm

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This stand has three different height adjustments for your TV, as well as a 30-degree swivel both ways to make sure you get the ideal viewing angle without ruining your neck and spine in the process. This particular model can handle 27 to 55-inch TVs that weigh up to 88 pounds.

It also comes fully equipped with a handy solution to all your wiring issues. Instead of all your different HDMI cables and various cords becoming a tangled mess sprawled across your floor and stand. They can now be pulled together and housed within the TAVR cable management system via a specially designed channel in the column of the stand. With all the adjustability that this TV stand offers, it’s surprisingly affordable, retailing for only a meager $27.99.

11. AmazonBasics Pedestal TV Stand

Amazon Basics Swivel Pedestal TV Mount for 32-65 inch TVs up to 55 lbs, Height Adjustable 16-21 Inches, max VISA 600x400

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This mammoth TV stand from AmazonBasics has by far the most significant capacity in terms of TV size that we’ve seen so far. This stand supports television sets ranging from 32-inch to 60-inch models. And allows them to be mounted comfortably on this state of the art pedestal stand. This one has everything you could possibly want out of TV stand. And at just $47.99, it’s quite the bargain.

It has swiveling capabilities, adjustable height settings, and a flexible mount bracket that can fit nearly all flat-screen TVs, whether it be an LCD or LED model.

It’s a heavy-duty, sturdy stand that offers maximum security and durability, so you’ll never have to worry about your TV falling off or the stand toppling over.

However, it doesn’t do much in terms of adding any sort of flair to the décor you’ve got going on. In addition to this, there are no ledges or shelves that you can use to stow away other things. But if you’re looking for pure functionality and total affordability, this stand is definitely the way to go.

12. Perlesmith Swivel Universal TV Stand

PERLESMITH Swivel Universal TV Stand / Base - Table Top TV Stand for 32-60 inch LCD LED TVs - Height Adjustable TV Mount Stand with Tempered Glass Base, VESA 400x400mm, Holds up to 88lbs PSTVS09

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This stand is similar to the previous one, but the Perlessmith Swivel has a unique advantages up its sleeve. The big difference here is the importance that was placed on safety with this TV stand. The high-quality steel construction ensures safety for everyone, including your precious TV.

If you have kids or pets that love to run around, you need to make sure that both the TV and the stand it’s mounted on should remain stable at all costs.

The safety lock, combined with its base weight of 10lb and a sturdy anti-drop plate will keep your TV from toppling over. And your stand from budging should any bump-ins take place. It can also bear 88lb of weight, which can accommodate a range of 32 to 55-inch flat-screen TVs.

It offers a 60-degree viewing experience, allowing you to avoid unhealthy sitting positions and neck cramps. You’ll also have six adjustable height positions to play with to create the ultimate set-up. And if messy wiring or cables are a problem – this stand features cable holders to help you keep things tidy and organized.

13. Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand

Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand/Base Table Top TV Stand for 21 to 43 inch TVs with 90 Degree Swivel, 4 Level Height Adjustable, Heavy Duty Tempered Glass Base, Holds up to 99lbs, HT02B-002

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Despite being one of the less eye-catching options on our list, the Hemudu universal swivel stand offers a wealth functionality in place of good looks.

The stand is incredibly versatile and offers a perfect fit for TVs up to 43 inches in width. And a maximum weight of 99lb, making it one of the sturdier options available. In turn, this means that you’ll be able to mount practically any major brand of TV without any worry.

It has four adjustable height settings and offers a 45-degree swivel both ways. This will give you a great deal of control when it comes to optimizing your viewing experience, to make sure you avoid any uncomfortable viewing positions or neck strain while watching TV.

However, just like some of the preceding options. This stand is also a flat-bottom mount, meaning it lacks any sort of shelving or storage space. It sits on a durable 8mm tempered glass base supported by rubber non-slip feet. That allow you to put it on practically any piece of furniture in the room without having to worry about it toppling or falling off.

And where it lacks storage space, this stand definitely makes up for the shortcomings with an eloquent cable management system. That will help you neatly organize the tangled mess of cables going in an out of your TV.

When you consider the fact that this TV stand clocks in at just $29.95. There’s little to lose in going with this option, and it’s one you definitely won’t regret.

14. Rfiver Universal Swivel TV Stand

Universal Swivel Tabletop TV Stand for Flat Screens 23 24 26 32 39 40 43 Inch, Heavy Duty Center Pedestal Stand Replacement with Black Tempered Glass Base and Height Adjustable Mount

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Here we have another option that’s more akin to a traditional TV pedestal without the pretty display ledges and shelves. Instead, you get a modern, sleek black design that removes all the clutter and gives the area around your television a beautiful, clean look.

It can handle up to 88lb in weight, which is idea for 20 to 40-inch TVs. You’ll also be able to enjoy a bi-directional 30-degree swivel angle. Thanks to a heavy-duty steel column that sits on an 8mm tempered glass base that’s sure to keep your TV steady.

In addition to this, it also features a wire management channel down the central column to keep all of those ugly wires out of view. And it’s amazingly affordable price tag of just $26.99 makes it one of the most affordable options on our list.

15. Rfiver Universal Table Top TV Stand

Rfiver Universal Table Top TV Stand Base TV Legs with Height Adjustment fits Most 32-55 Inch LCD LED Flat Screen TVs, Max VESA 800x400 mm, Mount Holds up to 88 lbs, Black

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This Rfiver model does away with the cumbersome tempered glass base in favor of two bracketed stands that can support up to 88lb. And house most TVs and VESA-mounting monitors ranging between 22 and 55 inches in width.

This particular stand is meant to be a hyper-portable option, so you won’t find any shelving, cable management or swivel capabilities with this model.

The feet are made with heavy-duty steel and have anti-slip pads on the bottom. So you won’t have to worry about your TV slipping or falling over at any point in time.

Admittedly, this is the simplest option on our list – but don’t let that fool you as it’s incredibly effective. The Rfiver universal tabletop TV stand only costs $19.99, making it the absolute cheapest option on our list.


If you’ve stuck with us this far, you should now have a birds-eye view of the best TV stands under $50. And oh boy, did we find some high-quality TV stands at an affordable price!

From beautiful wood and steel shelved models to more basic tabletop models, we’ve covered practically every viable option. We’ve even gone over all of the most important elements that make up a good TV stand. Such as the weight capacity, width support, cable management, adjustable height options and swivel functionality.

All in all, we hope to have inspired you with a few ideas for the best affordable TV stands you can buy online. And hopefully, we were able to add one or two options to your short-list!