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If you looking for a white 6-drawer dresser on a budget? Check out our list below! These bedroom dressers are nice and sturdy, with lots of storage space! Perfect for any living space. 

Cheap White 6-Drawer Dressers

These drawer dressers are a definite must-have item for every household. Not only are they compact and convenient but they are also a huge space saver and are considered ideal for every household. Whether big or small, modern or traditional, rustic or urban – the white 6 drawer dresser conveniently blends in with just about any home décor. 

Best Cheap White 6-Drawer Dressers

Last prices update on 2022-10-07. Source: Amazon

1. Delta Children Universal White 6 Drawer Dresser

This stylish easy to use universal white 6-drawer dresser from Delta Children is a must-have furniture item for every parent. It is matched with beautiful design, spacious storage space, and sturdy construction. This dresser will last a lifetime in your child’s bedroom while also being safe for use with the safety stop feature to prevent any kind of falling out.

The dresser is crafted from the finest solid wood to ensure strong and sturdy construction. It has up to 6 spacious drawers which can just about store anything from clothes to reading materials to toys. It goes well with any home décor setting owing to its stylish curves and sophisticated chic design. 

In addition to its composite and safety features the Universal White 6 Drawer Dresser also steers clear of lead or any other toxic elements as per safety standards.

2. Delta Children Haven White 6 Drawer Dresser

Delta Children Haven 6 Drawer Dresser, Greenguard Gold Certified, White

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Another child-friendly dresser on the list is the Delta Children Haven White 6 Drawer Dresser which has smart safety storage for storing any baby essentials. Keeping in mind its 6 separate storage features along with metal glides for smooth open and close transition. 

This dresser is the perfect storage organizer for you and your baby to store all the basic needs and essentials. The dresser is completed with strong easy to clean wood surface which means you don’t have to worry about wiping out any hard stains. 

The dresser provides a very clean minimal look which can only add in increasing the elegance of your contemporary nursery. With the Delta Children Haven Dresser, you have all that you require in any modern furniture piece. Not only will it compliment any nursery but it surely will add an inviting ambiance and style in any living space if you plan on using it as a bedroom or living room décor. 

3. StorkCraft Kenton White 6 Drawer Dresser

Storkcraft Kenton 6 Drawer Double Dresser (White) Dresser For Kids Bedroom, Nursery Dresser Organizer, Chest Of Drawers For Bedroom With 6 Drawers, Universal Design For Children’s Bedroom

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If you are looking for an easy-to-assemble, high functioning, and stable drawer, the StorkCraft Kenton White 6 Drawer Dresser is the perfect match to compliment all your storage requirements for your child’s bedroom or nursery. 

Crafted from the finest wood material, high-quality steel construction and matched with a classic and attractive design. It’s the perfect blend of elegant design and versatile function made to last for ages. 

Organizing has never been easier! Provided with 6 separate drawers, all attached with the euro-glide drawer tracks feature to ensure smooth sliding. 

The dresser can easily fit all of your child’s basic needs, ranging from clothes, accessories, and toys to organizing baby’s clothes, socks, and even diapers. The sturdy wood and steel structure are made to withstand any heavy storage whilst providing stability. Available in 5 different colors, make your living space look neat and tidy with the Kenton White 6 Drawer Dresser.

4. StorkCraft Crescent White 6 Drawer Dresser

Storkcraft Crescent 6 Drawer Double Dresser (White) – Dresser for Kids Bedroom, Nursery Dresser Organizer, Chest of Drawers for Bedroom with 6 Drawers, Universal Design for Children’s Bed

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This sleek and stylish drawer dresser by StorkCraft is perhaps one of the best choices out there if you’re looking for a piece of furniture that is compact yet spacious. 

Provided with 6 separate drawers all with euro-glide metal tracks as well as safety stops, the StorkCraft Crescent White 6 Drawer Dresser can safely secure all your belongings whether its clothes or toys.

The dresser is completed with wood and composite construction, strong metal knobs, and high-quality laminate on the surface to provide a rich look for any living space. It is also highly durable and can easily fight off any kind of dirt and spills which means you never have to worry about scraping hard stains. The drawers are also secured with German cam locks to further advance safe security measures. With this dresser, you no longer have to worry about dealing with heavy storage problems.  

5. Prepac White Monterey 6 Drawer Dresser

PREPAC White Monterey Children's 6 Drawer Dresser

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Specifically designed to fit small spaces with detailed high functioning features, the Prepac White Monterey 6 Drawer Dresser is the perfect dresser for your sizeable needs with limited space. This space-friendly drawer comes with 6 compact yet spacious drawers, solid metal top, and smooth profiled top. 

It perfectly meets your small living space while providing elegance to amp your home décor. With this, you can easily store and organize all your basic accessories like clothes, books, and magazines, beauty products, and even kitchen utilities.

To top things off, it features metal roller glides along with built-in safety stops to secure withstanding heavy load. This is ready to assemble drawer carved from the finest durable composite woods, perfect for any home décor setting. Traditional, modern or rustic, with this drawer you can conveniently place it anywhere without using much space or time.

6. Prepac White Monterey Tall 6 Drawer Dresser

PREPAC White Monterey Tall 6 Drawer Chest

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The Prepac White Monterey Tall 6 Drawer Dresser has all the boxes ticked when it comes to managing small living space. Whether it’s the small empty space next to your bedside or the refrigerator, this dresser is perfectly designed to fit in any small space. 

With 6 separate drawer feature, you can store a fair amount of clothing and accessories whilst also saving up floor space. The separate drawer feature will also allow you to store a variety of items. Meaning you can store clothing accessories in one and products like beauty essentials on the other.

The Prepac white dresser are made from solid sturdy pine wood with built-in safety stops and metal glides for smooth access. Combined with curved top edges, scalloped base panel, side moldings, and solid knobs, this drawer provides both design and functionality in a single compact dresser. You can safely secure all your storage with its sturdy drawer construct. 

7. Sorelle Berkley 6 Drawer Double Dresser White

Sorelle Berkley Double Dresser, White

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The Sorelle Berkley 6 Drawer Double Dresser is definitely a winner. Featured with up to 6 spacious storing capacities, you will get plenty of space to neatly organize your nursery essentials. 

What makes it even better is, with its hard wooden surface, you can double this dresser as a lampstand. The drawer fronts are made of well-rounded child safe knobs. When it comes to stability, it has under-drawer suppliers and rails feature to support any heavy load.

The overall material of the dresser consists of medium-density fibrewood along with hardwood. This blend of the material makes the dresser more lightweight in design for easy use and assembly. With ample space, quality material, sleek and stylish groovy design, and sturdy construct. 

This versatile double dresser does not lack in its features and easily puts off as a very essential multi-functional dresser. 

8. Angel Line Lauren White 6 Drawer Dresser

Angel Line Lauren 6 Drawer Dresser, White

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Next up on the list is the Lauren White 6 Drawer Dresser by Angel Line. This is a must-have dresser for you if you’re looking to add modern touch and design in your living space.

This sleek and minimal dresser offers up to 6 spacious drawers, all of which are separate and fitted with metal glides for smooth storage transition and safety drawer stops for extra security. With each drawer, you can store a couple of jeans, shirts, socks, innerwear and many more.

The dresser has a white color finish which can easily complement any décor setting you have, whether rustic or modern. 

Weighing at only 99 pounds owing to its lightweight design, it is easy to assemble and move. The frame and surface are made up of a blend of solid wood as well as wood composites which provide a very sturdy and durable structure for long-lasting use and effect.

9. Babyletto Hudson 6-Drawer Double Dresser White

Babyletto Hudson 6-Drawer Assembled Double Dresser in White, Greenguard Gold Certified

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Thinking of where to store your baby’s onesies and diapers? This next 6 drawer double dresser by Babyletto is a definite keeper and must-have item for your nursery to store all your baby essentials. From onesies to diapers, to cute little socks, the Babyletto white dresser can manage to store and organize all your needs. 

The dresser has 6 spacious drawers along with metal drawer glides and a stop mechanism feature to secure it from falling out. An Anti-tip kit is also included in it.

The changing trays are removable and can be bought separately. This double drawer dresser is made with safe and sustainable New Zealand pinewood to provide a long-lasting and durable effect. It is also free from any lead and phthalate to ensure a toxic-free finish to the product. With this dresser, you get to sit back and rest as the product arrives fully assembled. 

10. Palace Imports White Double 6 Drawer Dresser

Palace Imports 100% Solid Wood Dresser, White. Requires Assembly

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If you’re thinking of sorting your jeans and socks separately in a single dresser, the White Double 6 Drawer Dresser by Palace Imports is the perfect match for you. With 4 large and 2 standard drawers, you can easily sort and place your clothing items neatly.

The drawer knobs are made from wood with tenon for a tight hold. Additional features include, metal euro glides for smooth running with safety stops for durability and heavy load. 

To add instant stability solid wood vertical panel is placed in the center. Two solid wood cross is tied at the bottom for extra rigidity. Overall, the dresser is made from quality dried kiln pine wood in order to prevent splitting and size distortion of the dresser. 

Made from sustainable smart wood and painted with lead-free paint, this one is definitely a keeper for the eco-conscious. 

11. Suite Bebe White 6 Drawer Double Dresser

Suite Bebe Winchester 6 Drawer Double Dresser White

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The Suite Bebe 6 Drawer Double Dresser is another top item needed to complete your chic and modern nursery. The dresser consist of 6 spacious drawers, all equipped with smooth and durable metal glides providing you with a smooth and easy closure. The drawers are held together with English dovetail joints for sturdy and durable structure. It has a white color finish which adds a fresh elegance in your nursery.

With stable joints, smooth and durable glides the Suite Bebe white dresser can withstand a fair amount of your baby’s onesies and diapers. Another great feature is that it comes fully assembled. Not only does it save up storage space for your daily essentials but it also saves up time and work. On the other hand, are you worried about smelly paint and toxic chemicals? Rest assured, the dresser is completely non-toxic and free from lead and phthalate.

12. Little Seeds 6 Drawer Dresser White

Little Seeds Rowan Valley Laren 6 Drawer Dresser, White

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Tired of picking up toys and clothes from the floor? Here’s a dresser for you to organize your child’s room. The 6-drawer dresser from Little Seeds will indefinitely help you to neatly place all your child’s basic needs and essentials in one go. With 6 spacious drawers, you can sort and store all kinds of things. From toys to clothes, you name it.

Built-in metal slides and safety stops add in extra security and stability for heavy load. The top surface can also be used to place books, lamps and more.

The front of the drawer has two sets of strong knobs. Finally, the dresser is completed with a non-toxic white finish, laminated MDF and particleboard, and an overall wooden carving. The look of the dresser can also be customized to some extent according to your likes. It can withstand heavy load. The top surface has a holding capacity of 100 lbs. with each drawer holding up to 35 lbs. 

13. Ashley Furniture White 6-Drawer Dresser

Signature Design by Ashley Exquisite Children's Glam Youth 6 Drawer Dresser, White

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If you are thinking of adding a feminine flair with a taste of French elegance in your child’s bedroom, the White 6 Drawer Dresser by Ashley Furniture is exactly what you and your child’s room needs. 

It provides 6 separate decorated drawers with faux crystal knobs to add a little sparkle. You can either use the drawers entirely as a clothing storage or use it as a separate housing unit for toys, books, clothes and more. Owing to its hardwood construct, the dresser can hold a fair amount of storage.

To add-in on the elegance, the dresser also avails to customizable dresser mirror which is sold separately from the dresser. 

There is also no need for you to spend time assembling as it comes fully assembled. Beautifully crafted in a white finish with ornamental fluted posts from engineered wood, this drawer offers you both elegance and functionality in one sturdy composite dresser.

14. Evolur Maddox 6 Drawer Double Dresser White

Evolur Maddox Double Dresser, Weathered White

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Nearing towards the end of the list is the Maddox 6 Drawer Double Dresser White from the Maddox collection by Evolur. 

This particular dresser is the absolute minimal chic dresser every modern home décor requires. Inspired from simple yet chic and organic living, the Maddox dresser offers you with an elevated base with simple and clean line design for a modern feel. The cool white tone of the Maddox dresser makes it easy for you to pair it with any other light or deep colored background. 

The dresser consist of 3 tier side glides with separate drawers boxes, all of which are fixed with English dovetail joints, heavy-duty glides, and solid wooden drawers to provide sturdy frame and durability. The convenient height of the dresser can be converted as a changing surface by making use of a contour pad which is sold separately from the dresser.

15. Giantex White Tall 6 Drawer Dresser

Giantex 6 Drawer Chest Wooden Dresser Clothes Organizer Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway Furniture Tall Storage Cabinet (White)

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Looking for the perfect space-saving vertical dresser? The White Tall 6 Drawer Dresser by Giantex is the right pick for you. This drawer is provided with 6 separate drawers and a spacious top which you can use for placing things. 

The drawers itself have exquisite metal knobs, equipped with an anti-reverse device for security from falling out and are also odorless. Suitable for storing children’s clothes as well as innerwear, the bottom drawer is composed of a unique wavy structure to provide a blend of design and stability. 

The vertical contemporary look of the dresser allows it to fit in anywhere without taking up much space. Providing it as an ideal dresser for small living spaces, the dresser has a white finish with easy to wipe smooth surface. Making it a convenient addition to any room décor, it also has an easy to assemble feature. After assembling, it can be mounted on the wall for extra rigidness and security.


So there you have it, our list of 15 cheap white 6 drawer dresser. You can never be at fault by purchasing these convenient budget and space-friendly storage organizer. Make organizing fun and neat with the wide selection of drawer dressers available across the market. These easy to assemble, stylish and spacious dressers may be the “it” thing missing from your home.

Since there are many kinds of dressers in the market these days, make sure you are sure of the kind of dresser you require and also how convenient is it for your living space. Also, be sure to check and measure the size requirements prior to making any purchase commitments.