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Nothing and no one should dim your lights!

While this does apply to your life, it can also apply to the mesmerizing fire on your patio. After all, a nice fire pit table changes your patio from drab to fab – or rather, from not to hot!

With that being said, what you need to keep that fire alive is a glass wind guard. Luckily, there are plenty of fabulous fire pit tables on the market that come complete with one.

Without a second to waste, take a look at our curated list and pick your favorite!

5 Best Patio Fire Pit Tables with Glass Wind Guards

Last prices update on 2023-12-04. Source: Amazon

1. Cosiest 56 Inch Outdoor Fire Pit Table

COSIEST Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table 56-inch x 28-inch Rectangle Bronze Compact Concrete-Like Finish, 50,000 BTU,Wind Guard, Tank Outside, Free Lava Rocks, Fits 20lb Tank Outside, Raincover

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The Cosiest brand is synonymous with elegance in the world of outdoor heating furniture. Needless to say, this 56-inch fire pit table brings an aura of luxury and style wherever it goes.

Perhaps it is the large build or the concrete-like bronze finish, but the fact remains that it looks like a trusty fire pit that will last many years. Moreover, since it is a large unit, there is plenty of space to hold your cocktails and evening snacks.

And, let’s not forget how you can put your feet up on the ledge to get warm against the fire. However, you might not want to do this without attaching the glass wind guard first. After all, the fire pit famously gives out a lot of heat even in the cold fall and winter months.

These months are also accompanied by windy nights – which gives you all the more reason to use a glass shield. Unfortunately, the glass shield may result in minor scratches on the tabletop when moved around too much.


  • Elegant bronze finish
  • Sturdy and large build
  • Excellent heating
  • Complimentary lava rocks


  • Glass wind guard may cause scratches

2. Cosiest Round Outdoor Fire Pit Table

COSIEST Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table w Dark Bronze 40.5-inch Round Base Patio Heater, 50,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner, Wind Guard, Tank Outside, Free Lava Rocks, Waterproof Cover

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Nothing emulates the feeling of a campsite fire like the round fire pit table from Cosiest. However, this unit is far from rustic and it won’t leave any soot or smell on your clothes.

Made of fire-retardant magnesium oxide and steel, it is sturdy and built to last. The bronze finish, coupled with the lava rocks in the fire bowl, turns it into a graceful and gorgeous addition to any gazebo, patio, or backyard.

Moving on to the glass wind guard, you will receive a round glass shield to match the 27-inch diameter of the fire bowl. The glass casing is firmly and easily held together by clips. In fact, although the piece has the look of a delicate sculpture, it is easy to put together.

In case you do run into any problems regarding set up or broken parts, the customer service at Cosiest is always obliged to offer a helping hand.


  • Round-shaped fire pit
  • Elegant bronze finish
  • Excellent heating
  • Round glass case included


  • Glass wind guard moves easily

3. U-MAX 44 Inch Outdoor Fire Pit Table

U-MAX 44in Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table, 50,000 BTU Auto-Ignition Gas Firepit with Glass Wind Guard, Black Tempered Glass Tabletop & Blue Glass Rock, Black PE Rattan, CSA Certification

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Now that we are halfway through our list, it is only natural that we introduce this fire pit that is neither too large, nor too small. That being said, the quality and heating you will get from this fire pit table are nothing short of high-end.

What mostly draws buyers to this unit is the double burner, which is great for achieving a well-distributed and substantial amount of flame. Secondly, the glass wind guard that is sent along with the package itself is worth a couple hundred dollars.

Ideally, the best glass shields should be thick enough to control the flame from overheating the plates, cups, bottles, and cans lying around on the tabletop.

Moreover, it should be of a decent height that doesn’t get in the way of its aesthetic appeal or warmth. With much zest and style, this firepit from U-MAXX strikes the right balance.

What’s more, when the weather is too hot for roasting marshmallows, simply cover the fire bowl with the waterproof cover which comes free with the set. Even without the fire pit, you still have a shiny dining table for your nightcap and cocktail parties.


  • Double burner
  • High-quality tempered glass cover
  • Waterproof fire pit cover
  • Black rattan design


  • Instruction manual can be better

4. Kinger 42 Inch Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Kinger Home 42-Inch Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table for Patio, 50,000 BTU CSA Certified, Rattan Wicker Aluminum Frame, Grey

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Let’s mix it up a little with this square fire pit, which looks so warm and inviting that it gives a whole new meaning to the saying “be there, or be square.”

The delicately hand-woven rattan wicker base hides away the propane tank, which is often considered to be an eyesore, even though it is essential to light a fire. Moreover, it has a slide mechanism, which is an exceptionally handy feature for tinkering around with the heavy propane tank.

As we move up towards the actual tabletop, little elements like the slip-resistant surface catch our attention. Tiny attributes like this, or the hooks on the side for hanging the table cover, are an indication that the makers at Kinger have paid great attention to detail.

Coming to the matter of the moment, the glass wind guard provided with this set is modern, sleek, and well-thought-out. Unlike a lot of other removable glass covers that shift and shatter, these are sized perfectly and attach firmly around the fire bowl with the help of clips.


  • Hand-woven rattan wicker base
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Free fire bowl cover and glass guard
  • Sliding propane tank holder


  • Fire is not warm enough for lower temperatures

5. SNAN 32 Inch Outdoor Fire Pit Table

32 Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table, Volcanic Rock&Glass Wind Guard, CSA Approved, Stove in Winter, Table in Summer

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The 32-inch fire pit table from SNAN is a blessing on downsizers and budget shoppers alike. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality. Anyway, who is to say that its compact size is a drawback?

With that being said, this mini fire pit table is a great choice if you live in an apartment building, or you have a smaller backyard, deck, terrace, patio or garden. Moreover, you can simply cover the fire bowl and voila! It turns into a dining table for two.

Apart from being a real space-saver, this well-built fire pit is a trusty appliance that sticks to the classics – interestingly, it has a classic wicker base and a good ol’ iron tabletop. Every bit of the fire pit, from the ignition mechanism to the paneling, has been fine-tuned to perfection.

Perhaps the charm lies in its simplicity and lack of embellishment.


  • Metal lid and glass guard
  • Modern design
  • Sturdy iron top
  • Space-efficient


  • Less heating


Dancing flames are the best centerpieces to have, and that’s what these firepit tables offer.

Smokeless fire, gorgeous design, and comfortable warmth; each unit has been designed to execute these three things with great precision. However, we would say that the Cosiest 56 Inch Outdoor Fire Pit does it the best – provided, you have the extra space.

Even if you don’t, it’s hard to go wrong with any of these five choices. So, go ahead and let your favorite fire pit light up the room!