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There’s nothing more alluring than a fire pit to warm you on a chilly evening!

And with the right furniture, the mood is always set for a relaxing time. Be it for friends, family, or a special someone – an inviting patio would likely be the most used space in your home.

If your dream patio has a fire pit with elegant furniture sets, then this is the right place to make the dream come true. We have put together a carefully curated list of the best ones on the market today.

So, go ahead and choose the one that’s perfect for your patio!

10 Best Patio Furniture Sets with Fire Pit Tables

Last prices update on 2024-06-23. Source: Amazon

1. Dineli Patio Sectional Sofa with Fire Pit Table

Dineli Sectional Sofa with Gas/Propane Fire Pit Table Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets (Light Gray-Rectangular Table)

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From a somber beige to a lively turquoise – the Dineli Patio Sectional sofa comes in multiple colors. Without a doubt, it’s easy to find one that meets your personality and matches the vibe of your home.

The furniture set combines a fire pit with a sectional seating of eight pieces that can be arranged in many creative ways. But, that is always the case with modular style sectionals – its versatility is well-suited for both small enclosed porches and airy outdoor patios.

With outdoor seating, there is always a risk of the seats getting ruined by rain. But not with the Dineli sectional sofa that is equipped with water-resistant covers. Lounge on the sofa straight out of the pool without any fears, and keep warm by the fire blazing over lava rocks.


  • Water-resistant covers
  • Sturdy build
  • Complimentary lava rocks decor
  • Modular sectional seating


  • Glass cover top can fall off easily

2. Christopher Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

Christopher Knight Home Cape Coral Outdoor Chat Set with Fire Table, 5-Pcs Set, Khaki / Dark Grey

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If you are looking for a less conventional seating style that doesn’t look like it belongs in your grandma’s backyard, then this is the one to go for.

The aluminum chairs and loveseat have a contemporary design, which perfectly complements the grayish khaki seat covers. Furthermore, the polished rectangular fire pit only adds to its modern look.

Speaking of the seating, the chair arms of the Christopher Conversation Set utilize corrosion-resistant aluminum which is suitable for humid climates. That, and the apparent sturdiness, guarantees that your patio furniture will always look sleek, modern, and rust-free in the years to come. Also, a close look will reveal that the stitching has been done with optimum care and excellent craftsmanship.


  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum seating
  • Contemporary style
  • Excellent stitching on seats
  • Lightweight


  • No wind guard for fire pit

3. Cosiest Patio Set with Rectangle Fire Pit Table

COSIEST 9 Piece Outdoor Wicker Sectional Sofa w Fire Pit Table,Chocolate Brown Patio Furniture Set w 56 x 28 inches Rectangle Bronze Fire Table (50,000 BTU) and Tank Outside(20lb) for Garden

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a patio set that looks like it belongs in the VIP section of a nightclub. High-end and sophisticated are the two words that come to mind when we look at this unit.

This is not to say that the patio set is too precious to be outdoors. In fact, the seats are made of poly-fiber fabric that has been proven to retain its color even after sitting under direct sunlight for 3-4 years.

In terms of design, you will get a modular sectional with two corner seats and four armless chairs, which of course, can be moved around on a whim. The centerpiece is an elegant tabletop that has a smooth and luxe slate appearance. Sitting right in the middle is the fire pit with teal lava rocks that make evening fires look all the more red-hot.


  • Made of hand-woven resin wicker
  • Elegant design
  • Adjustable flame
  • Modular style sectional seating


  • Seats absorb rainwater and dry slow

4. Nice Soul Patio Sectional Set with Fire Pit Table

NICESOUL® 29.3'' High Back PE Rattan Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa Sets with Natural Gas/Propane Fire Pit Table,7 Pcs Modern Extra Large Size Outdoor Wicker Conversations Gray

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What sets this recommendation apart is its customized sectional design. Just like any other modular set, you will get corner seats and armless chairs. However, this one adds two ottomans to the mix. It goes without saying that you can transform this sectional sofa into separate lounge chairs when you need to sit by the pool.

What’s more, the dark gray wicker makes it blend in easily with any kind of porch, deck, or patio. That being said, this neutral color is two-toned so it has a unique shine, unlike the bland burlap that is usually the norm with patio furniture.

Anyhow, the gorgeous fire-pit table completes the stunning look, and that too is fitted with shiny rocks.


  • Rich, dark gray color wicker seats
  • Thick cushions
  • Two ottomans included with seats
  • Modular sectional


  • Cushions move around, no velcro

5. Cosiest Patio Set with Square Gas Fire Pit Table

COSIEST 5-Piece Faux Brown Propane Fire Pit Outdoor Furniture Brown Chairs, Warm Gray Wicker Thick Cushion Sofa w 32-inch Square Propane Fire Table (50,000 BTU) for Garden, Pool, Backyard

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Although modular sectionals are the rage these days, not everyone has to like them. In fact, some people need their own space, and this is what our next patio set offers.

With four separate armchairs and a square fire pit in the set, you and your friends can sit around for an evening chat – without being attached at the hip. What will be attached though is a thick cushion that feels and looks comfortable. Moreover, you can easily unzip and pull out the covers when it is time to wash them.

Coming to the best part of this set – the beautiful faux ledgestone fire pit table. The brown masonry-like unit gives a homely and sturdy feel, while looking elegant and luxurious at the same time. Furthermore, it is a great color to go with the amber lava rocks.


  • Four separate armchairs for individual comfort
  • Thick cushions with zip covers
  • Two-toned hand-woven wicker chairs
  • Square, faux ledgestone fire pit


  • Covers take a long time to dry

6. Sunbury Patio Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

SUNBURY Outdoor 4-Piece Patio Furniture w Propane Fire Pit, Pearl Gray Rattan Conversation Set, 4 Blue Pillows w 32-inch Rectangle Wicker 40,000 BTU Fire Table w Glass Guard Fits 20 gal Tank Outside

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Those whose houses don’t have the largest backyards – we have not forgotten about you. Smaller sets come with their own advantages; the best being that they cost less and are easier to move around.

This furniture set may be small, but it has taken care of everything. Each armchair is about 27 inches wide and 30 inches tall, whereas the sofa is of the same height and 52 inches wide. In spite of its small frame, you get cushy and thick seats.

Furthermore, the makers have included four decorative blue pillows in the deal, so you don’t have to waste any more time jazzing it up. That being said, the enticing fire pit was probably enough jazz.


  • Space-efficient
  • Cushions made of poly-fiber fabric
  • Complimentary throw pillows
  • Value for money


  • Propane tank has to be stored separately

7. Hompus Wicker Sectional Set with Fire Pit Table

HOMPUS Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa w Fire Pit Table,6 Pieces Outdoor Furniture Set w 32-inch 40,000 BTU Propane Fire Table w Glass Wind Guard,Patio Conversation Set for Outside,Garden,Porch,Deck

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After circling the block, we know that fire pit tables with sectional and space-efficient seating are of great value. The designers at Hompus probably thought so too because they combined the three to give us this compact yet amazing fire pit table and sectional set.

When placed in an L-shape, the length and breadth of the sectional seating are 80 inches respectively – a nice size for smaller courtyards, patios, decks, and terraces. Since it is a modular-style sectional with five pieces, you can just use two or three in case of space constraints.

Moving on to the aesthetics, the cushions are a joyful sky blue shade. These come with two matching multicolored pillows that complement the overall look of blue cushions and brown resin rattan weaves.


  • Compact
  • Modular sectional seating
  • Complimentary throw pillow
  • Resin Rattan furniture


  • Difficult access to propane tank

8. Cosiest Wicker Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

COSIEST 5-Piece Fire Pit Table Outdoor Furniture, Warm Gray Wicker Conversation Set, 4 Coral Pillows w 32-inch Rectangle Wicker Fire Table (40,000BTU) Fits 20lb Tank Outside w Glass Wind Guard

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The brand Cosiest is known for its commitment to making excellent patio furniture, so it is only natural that they also have a flagship compact set in their collection.

When we say compact, we mean that two adults can sit on the middle loveseat, and they will find themselves sitting shoulder to shoulder. The set can definitely get lost in a huge deck or patio, but it is perfect for smaller balconies and the like.

Luckily, the price gets reflected in the size – and it really is a steal, especially when you consider how stunning the fire pit is.


  • Powder-coated and rust-resistant
  • Inexpensive
  • Compact
  • Complimentary throw pillows


  • Propane tank has to be stored separately

9. Grand Patio Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

Grand patio 5-Piece Outdoor Furniture Conversation Sets with 32-Inch 40000 BTU Heat Propane Gas Fire Pit Table CSA Approved Ceramic Tile & Grey Olefin Cushion Rocking Chairs

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If you think you’ve seen it all, then the Grand Patio Conversation set will prove otherwise. This set has four oversized plush seats that are engineered in such a way that you can rock it like any old rocking chair!

Whether it is because of the large cushions or the to-and-fro motion – these seats pass the comfort test with flying colors. Moreover, they are attached to the base with velcro so you don’t have to worry about sliding off suddenly.

Apart from the unique design, what sets it apart are the gray patterned tiles on the gorgeous and gigantic fire pit.


  • Plush cushions
  • Very comfortable
  • Special rocking-chair mechanism
  • Unique design


  • Difficult to assemble

10. Cosiest Patio Set with Round Fire Pit Table

COSIEST 8-Piece Propane Firepit Table Outdoor Furniture Sofa, Warm Gray Wicker Sectional w 40.5-inch Round Bronze Gas Fire Table (50,000 BTU), Wind Guard and Tank Outside(20lb) for Garden,Pool

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Since the brand Cosiest has done it all, they are now reaching to break the mold with an avant-garde round-shaped fire pit.

The sectional seating may be a demure beige color, but the center of attention – that is, the fire pit – dazzles in bronze. Similarly, the set goes the extra mile even with the sectional seating; it is designed after the modular style and includes two ottomans in addition to four chairs.

And that’s not all – get free lava rocks and floral pillows with every order. In case your order does get messed up, don’t fret because the staff at Cosiest is known for its responsiveness.


  • Round-shaped fire pit
  • Bronze design on fire pit
  • Modular sectional with ottomans
  • Responsive customer service


  • Product does not include fire glass


Fire pits, undoubtedly, have the warmth and spice to take any outdoor living area to the next level. Although any set from our guide can easily grace a patio, the Dineli Patio Sectional Sofa with Fire Pit Table is the one to look out for.

We love it because it looks and feels luxurious, but it is still priced decently. Moreover, it comes with a wind guard and lava rocks – which some of its competitors might not easily throw into the bargain.

Seal the deal, or find your perfect match to light up a fire with (ironically, you won’t be needing a safety match for these smokeless fires). Until next time!