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Have you looked at headboards recently?

The prices are high. Many headboards cost over $200 to $300.

In my opinion, that’s a lot of money for a piece of furniture that serves a mostly aesthetic purpose.

Unfortunately, you basically need a headboard on your bed. Beds without a headboard just look goofy and incomplete.

Cheap Queen-Size Headboards Under $100

But $200-$300 is a lot of money.

Well, this article will review the best headboards that cost less than $100. There are a lot of options, too.

You can find bookshelf headboards, wood headboards, metal headboards, and faux leather headboards for less than $100.

And yes, high-quality headboards exist at this price.

Cheap Queen-Size Headboards Under $100

Last prices update on 2022-12-02. Source: Amazon

1. Zinus Trina Tufted Queen Headboard

ZINUS Trina Upholstered Headboard / Button Tufted Upholstery / Adjustable Height / Easy Assembly, Taupe, Queen

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The Zinus Trina comes in as our favorite headboard. You will not have any problems installing it, all the parts (and tools) come in the package. And it looks fancier than the price would indicate.

The best part, though? You won’t need to drill holes in your bed frame to install it. Simply set the height, attach the bracket to the wall, and place it behind the bed.

Yes, it’s really that easy to install. Also, it has a 5-year limited warranty, so you don’t need to worry about anything breaking.

2. Zinus Jessica Modern Queen Headboard

Zinus Jessica Modern Studio Upholstered Metal Headboard, Queen

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Zinus makes our best headboard list, again. They really do produce affordable, quality headboards. And the Zinus Jessica has so many features that we really like.

First, it has three different available styles: button tuft, upholstered, and banded. One of those options will match your room, I guarantee it.

Next, the installation is extremely easy. You can probably have it done within 20 or 30 minutes. However, the mounting brackets are not included, so you must purchase those yourself.

Finally, the headboard feels heavy and sturdy – a definite plus for a headboard. It definitely doesn’t feel cheap and flimsy like you might expect.

All in all, it’s a good headboard for an extremely affordable price. I just wish it came with a mounting bracket, but the low price makes up for it.

3. Zinus Jake Rectangular Queen Headboard

Zinus Jake Upholstered Nailhead Rectangular Headboard in Taupe, Queen

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The Zinus Jake is another fairly standard headboard from Zinus. The cloth material is made from polyester, which isn’t the best material, but it’s actually ok for a headboard.

It only comes in one color – taupe. Fortunately, taupe does fit in with most bedrooms. Also, it has foam padding, so you can lean back on this without injuring your back.

The one downside, in my opinion, is that this headboard does not include a mounting frame. However, mounting frames are very affordable. The combination will still have an affordable final price.

4. Zinus Kendal Metal Queen Headboard

Zinus Kendal Taupe Upholstered Metal Headboard, Queen

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The Zinus Kendal makes the list because, well, it’s affordable and looks great. It’s available in a button tufted, upholstered, and banded design. One of those should match your bedroom. In my opinion, the upholstered design looks the best.

An interesting feature with the Kendal is the ability to remove the panels. You might think this is pointless, but you can do this to keep the panel clean.

Other than that it’s a standard headboard. And yes, you can lean back on this. It should have plenty of stability once fully attached to the wall and bed frame.

5. Zinus Viola Metal Queen Headboard

Zinus Viola Modern Studio Upholstered Metal Headboard, Full / Queen

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The Viola is a little different than the other Zinus options. First, it’s available in an upholstered metal, arched nailhead, and upholstered nailhead design. These designs are a little fancier than other options, but it’s still an affordable headboard.

In this case, the upholstered nailhead looks best. However, the best choice for you just depends on the design of your bedroom.

As with all Zinus headboards, this has a 5-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects, which are rare anyway.

Overall, the Viola is an excellent choice if you want a fancy headboard at an affordable price. It’s a quality headboard, too.

6. Modway Emily Tufted Button Queen Headboard

Modway Emily Tufted Button Linen Fabric Upholstered Queen Headboard in Gray

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Modway is another manufacturer that makes quality headboards at an affordable price. And all there headboards look great. The Emily, in particular, is so plush that it looks similar to a sofa.

Seriously, the padding in this headboard is ridiculous. You can definitely comfortably lean back on this headboard without any discomfort.

The material is polyester with buttons, which may feel a little scratchy. But that’s not really a problem for a headboard. In fact, it’s standard at this price range.

Finally, this headboard has seven inches of adjustment (frame included), so it will fit on most queen beds.

7. Modway Lily Tufted Linen Fabric Queen Headboard

Modway AMZ-5041 Lily Tufted Linen Fabric Upholstered Queen Headboard in Gray

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The Modway Lily is basically the same as the Emily – it’s plush, it has seven inches of adjustment, and it’s stable. However, it has tufts rather than buttons.

The tufts combined with the subtle off-gray color make it the perfect headboard if you already have a centerpiece in the room.

Remember, too many centerpieces in your bedroom will make it look busy, and that’s not good.

Anyway, it’s still an elegant headboard that should fit perfectly if you already have a centerpiece (usually a vanity).

8. Modway Lily Faux Leather Queen Headboard

Modway Lily Tufted Faux Leather Upholstered Queen Headboard in White

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As the name implies, the Lily Faux Leather Headboard has the same design as the Lily, but with faux leather instead of polyester.

Now, faux leather does work in certain bedrooms. It works especially well, in my opinion, in bedrooms that don’t already have a centerpiece.

Faux leather is a timeless design, so it will work well in almost any bedroom. It won’t go out of style, either. The one downside, however, is that faux leather may feel sticky when you lean back on it.

That’s not too big of a concern because faux leather requires practically no cleaning. Seriously, this headboard won’t get dirty.

9. Modway Serena Rustic Queen Headboard

Modway Serena Rustic Farmhouse Style Steel Metal Queen Headboard Size in Brown,

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The Serena is a metal headboard, which many people find odd.

However, it does work in certain rooms. It’s especially useful in rooms for children or when going for a rustic look.

As for the headboard itself, it should last a very long time. The stainless-steel has a powder coating that will look great for years. And the ladder bars provide some extra stability.

Also, it has plastic caps on the bottom of the headboard to protect your floor. No need to worry about scuffing your tile or scratching your hardwood.

10. Flash Furniture Lennox Tufted Queen Headboard

Flash Furniture Upholstered Headboard, Queen, Black

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The Flash Furniture Lennox is another great, affordable headboard. First, it’s black vinyl with button tufting, so make sure it matches your curtains and the rest of your bedroom. If it does, then it will really look great.

The best part about this, however, is the extremely easy installation. Everything for installation comes with the headboard. That includes two pre-drilled metal legs that attach to the bottom of your bed frame.

Those legs make it extremely sturdy. It’s also convenient because nothing attaches to your wall.

And yes, it’s height-adjustable, so it should fit with most queen-sized beds.
Overall, it’s an amazing headboard if it fits the overall design of your room.

11. Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Queen Headboard

Flash Furniture Upholstered Headboard, Queen, Light Gray

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The Cambridge from Flash Furniture fits in the “fancy” category of headboards due to button tufts and diamond stitching. Both features make it look very elegant.

Plus, it has a slight arch in the center that add to the overall elegance. The light gray color doesn’t necessarily add elegance, but it sure makes this easy to color match.

Gray, especially light gray, goes with almost any color. But it works particularly well with other light colors.

Anyway, the Cambridge has a narrower panel than many other headboards, and that works well if you have a cramped room. A more plush panel would make the room look more cramped.

All in all, this is one of the better looking headboards on the list. And it should work well in the vast majority of bedrooms.

12. Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Queen Headboard

Flash Furniture Upholstered Headboard, Queen, Dark Gray

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The Bedford by Flash Furniture is another great option. This headboard has tufts (no buttons) and comes in one color – dark gray.

Dark gray is a color that looks good, but it only works with darker hues. This means this headboard probably won’t look well in most bedrooms, but if you have a darker bedroom, then this is the choice for you.

As with all Flash Furniture headboards, it includes the mounting frames. And the headboard shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to install.

The Cambridge is an overall good headboard, as are all Flash Furniture products, but the dark gray color means it matches relatively few bedrooms.

13. Flash Furniture Lexington Queen Size Headboard

Flash Furniture Upholstered Headboard, Queen, Beige

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Flash Furniture’s Lexington headboard has a different design than many others on this list. First of all, it’s beige with a brass nailhead trim.

The nailhead trim definitely gives it a more classic look and the beige color should match most bedrooms.

Another difference is that this headboard is not very soft. If you want to lean on your headboard, then this one will not work for you.

However, the hardness of this headboard gives it a stiffer appearance that makes it look more sophisticated. It will definitely match a beige duvet that has an elegant design on it.

Final verdict? It’s a good headboard for someone going for a classic look. Just make you get a duvet to match the brass nailheads.

14. Baxton Studio White Faux Leather Queen Headboard

Baxton Studio Bedford Queen Sized Headboard, White

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Baxton Studio has a reputation for selling stylish, modern online furniture. Think of them as a digital version of IKEA.

Anyway, their white faux leather headboard is certainly stylish and modern – it’s white faux leather!

Yes, I know. Many people will turn their heads at white faux leather, but it can actually look great in a modern home. The tufted buttons add to the modern look. Plus, leather is so much easier to clean than fabric.

And Baxton Studio includes everything needed for installation in the package. It even includes the wrenches to tighten the bolts. Speaking of that, the headboard is adjustable and quite stable.

It’s an overall great headboard. And the faux leather is very easy to clean. Don’t give this a miss just because it’s white faux leather.

15. Atlantic Richmond White Queen Headboard

AFI Richmond Headboard, Queen, White

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Atlantic Furniture makes a headboard, the Richmond, that has a very traditional design. And it’s also made of wood. Don’t worry, it can still attach to a metal bed frame.

The traditional wood frame makes it perfect for a child’s room, a guestroom, or a traditionally designed bedroom. It looks especially great on a bedroom, or home, that has a New England style interior design.

Don’t worry about installation, either. The headboard was built to attach to a metal or wood bed frame. And all the tools needed for installation come included.

Really, this headboard proves that you can purchase almost any design, even wood, for a very affordable price. I recommend it for a guestroom or a child’s room.

16. Dorel Living Winnie Queen Headboard

DHP Winnie Headboard, Full/Queen, White

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For those of you that want an elegant metal headboard, the Dorel Living Winnie is almost certainly the choice for you.

First, it has an arched design with a scrolled metal design on the frame. All of that combines for a very elegant look.

It also has four finishes that include black, bronze, pewter, and white. One of those finishes should match the color scheme of your bedroom.

All the hardware necessary for installation comes with the headboard, which makes installation. This headboard can also be adjusted to fit a full bed, and that (plus the minimal design) makes it perfect for a smaller living space.

It’s a great headboard. The four color options, the adjustability, and the minimalist design means it should work well in every bedroom.

17. Mainstay Traditional Queen Headboard

Mainstay Bed Headboard- Fits Full or Queen Bed Frames, (Full/Queen, Black)

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The Mainstay traditional headboard is very similar to the Dorel Living Winnie headboard. However, it does have a few slight differences.

First, it is sold as just a headboard or as a combination with matching linens (pillow cases and sheets). This combination makes it great for those looking to have everything match perfectly.

The other difference is that this has plastic protectors on the legs that should protect your floor.

Other than that, everything else is the same. It even has the same color options of black, bronze, pewter/gray, and white.

It’s an overall great choice that will work in almost every bedroom. The matching linens are a nice extra touch, though.

18. Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Queen Headboard

Sauder Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard, Full/Queen, Oiled Oak finish

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Do you like to read before bed? Or do you just like the traditional look of a bookshelf headboard?

Well, the Sauder bookcase headboard will definitely meet your expectations. It’s a headboard with a mini-bookcase. That’s pretty cool, and it looks great.

It has four finishes: diamond ash, jamocha wood, oiled oak, and soft white. And that makes finding the right color easy.

Installation is fairly straightforward since it has mounting holes. However, those aren’t required, but you should mount it because it may tip over otherwise.

The only difficult part is assembling the headboard, but that’s expected from a bookcase. And it’s still not difficult, only time-consuming.

The Sauder Shoal Creek bookcase is headboard is a great bookshelf headboard, especially for the low price. It’s quite difficult to find an affordable (quality) bookcase headboard, so I definitely recommend this one.

19. Realrooms Queen Storage Headboard

Realrooms makes a great headboard that doubles as storage space. Seriously, this headboard has so six shelves available for storage. You can place books, knick nacks, a lamp, and other objects on the shelf. That’s pretty convenient.

The headboard also looks good. Though it is a tad bulky. I only recommend using it if you have a larger bedroom.

It also has multiple color options available that include white, walnut, rustic oak, and espresso. With that many color choices; you should find something that matches your bedroom.

Fortunately, the installation is not difficult. But it does require assembling the particle boards and shelves.

You do not need to mount this headboard to the wall, but you definitely should. It can tip over if it’s not mounted.

Overall, this headboard will work in a larger bedroom. It’s especially great if you have a lot of knick nacks or books that you want to display. Definitely don’t keep the shelves empty. That looks weird.

20. Poly & Bark Giulia Square-Stitched Headboard

EdgeMod Guilia Square-Stitched Headboard Queen Size, Gray

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Poly & Bark’s Giulia headboard rounds out our list. It’s a chic looking headboard with square stitching and tufts rather than buttons and square stitching. The gray, ivory, and peachy beige color choices give you plenty of finding something that fits your bedroom.

Most interestingly, this has wooden legs – an uncommon feature at this price point. The legs do add an extra element of elegance not normally found on headboards.

Unfortunately, wooden legs have a much higher likelihood of getting scratched or damaged. Make sure to use caution around the legs.

Installation does not require much work, either. The frame for the headboard attaches to the bed frame, which makes it easy. It also has predrilled holes that allow you to easily adjust the height. It should fit most beds.

It’s a chic headboard that should look great in a chic bedroom. An easy installation process, height adjustability, and multiple color options make this great for most bedrooms, beds, and any technical skill level.


That about it covers it for headboards. This article should prove that many, many options exist for under $100.

Honestly, you shouldn’t even find it necessary to purchase an expensive headboard with all the options listed.

You can even purchase a bookshelf headboard for under $100. Who would have thought that was possible?

Also, it’s difficult to recommend a good headboard. Every bedroom has a different design and every person has different tastes.

However, a light gray (or pewter) metal headboard should match the vast majority of color schemes, linens, and beds.

You truly can’t go wrong with a light gray headboard. Especially for under $100.