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When it comes to storage space or even just a table to keep things on for decor, having a sideboard is a blessing.

Despite not taking up a lot of space in any room of the house, it always elevates the look. Plus, it is one of the best furniture pieces to have if you want to keep the room clutter-free. But picking the right one, especially when you’re on a budget, can be a bit of a task.

To help you out, we have put together this little guide on the top 10 sideboard buffets under $300 available in the market.

10 Sideboard Buffets Under $300

Last prices update on 2023-12-03. Source: Amazon

1. Bon Augere Rustic Sideboard Buffet

BON AUGURE Coffee Bar Cabinet with Storage, Industrial Wine Cabinet with Wine Racks, Bar Cabinet for Liquor and Glasses (Vintage Oak, 47 Inch)

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This sideboard is a spacious table with two mesh doors that open up to ample storage space. We find it so eye-catching because it can also serve as a wine cabinet.

Additionally, the conversion from wine cabinet to sideboard is effortless and allows you to keep photos and books on it. The stemware rack, usually for wine bottles, is easily removable and transforms into a beautiful sideboard. Plus, the mesh frame gives it that extra edge in an otherwise classic finish.

You will appreciate that this is a sturdy piece. The top shelf capacity is 330 lbs, while the other five shelves have a capacity of 110 lbs each. Moreover, assembly is effortless and is achievable in 40 mins.


  • Leg support under the bottom shelf
  • High weight capacity
  • Anti-tip strap
  • Adjustable shelves


  • Door handles are not always on the same level

2. Belleze Farmhouse Sideboard Buffet

BELLEZE 70 Inch Sideboard Buffet Cabinet, Entertainment Center with Storage, Glass Display Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves Console Table Storage Cabinet for Living Room, Dining Room, Gray Wash

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Whether you are looking for a sideboard or a TV stand for the living room, this sideboard by Belleze is a perfect choice. The design of this sideboard is such that it adds a classic but modern touch to any room it is in.

This sideboard comes packed in only two boxes. Additionally, assembling it barely takes any time, and that too in only 19 steps. There are about 16 boards to assemble, and the instructions in the package will make the process effortless.

We particularly like the fact Belleze uses only high-grade wood to manufacture these shelves. Moreover, this sideboard has sturdy glass panes to complete the look. This piece is truly a work of art, ideal for every home.


  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Smooth finish in multiple colors
  • Sturdy build
  • High-quality materials


  • A few holes did not align correctly

3. Walker Edison Mid-Century Sideboard Buffet

Walker Edison Mid-Century Modern Wood Kitchen Buffet Sideboard-Entryway Serving Storage Cabinet Doors-Dining Room Console, 52 Inch, Dark Walnut

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Next on the list is the very stylish and very elegant sideboard by Walker Edison. The design of the table makes it easy to blend into any interior with ease. Plus, if you happen to have light decor, the dark walnut color adds to the charm.

One of the great things about this sideboard is the sliding door. It is smooth, glides with almost no force, and reveals ample storage space. Plus, it shifts the design a tad bit, giving you some flexibility with the look. In addition, there are two shelves behind this door to hold anything and everything.

The fact that the company uses only high-grade MDF for this sideboard tells how long it will last. Moreover, it is impressive that the table can support up to 250 lbs.


  • Cable management features in the back
  • High weight capacity
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Contemporary design


  • A lot of pieces to put together

4. Fat Ant Storage Sideboard Buffet

Fat Ant 43'' Kitchen Storage Sideboard Dining Buffet Server Cabinet Cupboard, Free Standing Storage Chest with 4 Drawers Cabinets and Open Shelf, Console Sofa Table for Living Room, White and Brown

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If a classic design with a lot of storage space is what you are looking for, then look at this sideboard by Fat Ant. It has a vintage design that can add a bit of an edge to your otherwise modern home. Plus, the farmhouse-inspired wood frame and contrasting iron handles are different from everything in the market today.

Now, coming to the storage space. The top and the bottom shelf have four side drawers and a small area hidden between double doors. So, if you are looking for a table to keep little knick-knacks in, this is the ideal one. In addition, it is a very sturdy design that will last longer, thanks to the MDF wood and pine.

We appreciate that the weight capacity is around 150 lbs for the top shelf, 110 lbs for the cabinet, and 33 lbs for each drawer.


  • Ample amount of storage space
  • Vintage design
  • High-quality MDF wood make and iron handles
  • Great weight-bearing capacity


  • Bottom shelf may be a bit weaker

5. Giantex Buffet Server Sideboard

Giantex Buffet Server Sideboard, Console Wood Dining Table, Cupboard Table with 2 Cabinets, 1 Drawer and 9 Wine Cabinets, Storage Organizer Kitchen and Dining Room (Gray)

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Another great sideboard for the modern household is this one by Giantex. It has a wide top shelf that provides ample space for pretty much any decorative item. In addition, it has one open shelf that not only looks good but adds to storage space.

But that’s not all. Right below the open shelf is a drawer and two doors that open up to more storage space. Moreover, the table also has a grid of 9 slots for wine bottles. The shelves behind the doors are adjustable and removable so that they can cater to any requirement.

Let’s talk about strength. The maximum weight capacity this table can bear is about 120 lbs which are more than enough for a sideboard. Plus, the thick legs add extra support to the whole structure.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • High-weight capacity
  • Ample storage space with wine bottle storing grids
  • Anti-tip metal to keep it from falling


  • 23-30 pieces to assemble

6. Rasoo Modern Sideboard Buffet

RASOO Buffet Kitchen Cabinet Storage Sideboard Cabinet Cupboard Sideboard Buffet Kitchen Room (White -3 Doors and 3 Drawers)

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Not everyone likes an elaborate sideboard that screams for attention, some just like the ones that genuinely blend. This sideboard by Rasoo is charming with a touch of minimalistic elegance. Rasoo uses high-quality MDF boards to produce such tables to make them last longer and in good condition.

While it may look simple, but has a lot to offer. It has three doors that open into a large storage area ideal for books, photo frames, baskets, etc. An interesting feature is that the storage door has little grooves, making it seem like it has invisible handles.

We found it to be safer for homes with kids since the corners are round and soft. Also, the table has steel legs for extra support.


  • High-quality make
  • Sturdy metal legs
  • Ample cabinet space
  • Round corners make it safe for kids


  • Time-consuming assembly

7. Homfa Modern Sideboard Buffet

If you like modern furniture with a bit of a rustic touch, then this one’s for you. The Homfa sideboard has just the right amount of wood to give it that extra appeal. Moreover, the neutral colors allow it to blend with just about any interior. The hints of wood in an otherwise white table are what stand out.

In addition, the storage space is not that bad either. This sideboard has a large storage cabinet behind two closet doors that have a seamless design. In addition, it has three storage drawers and a wide shelf that can provide more space.

Assembly is a breeze with this sideboard as everything aligns perfectly. Moreover, the instructions are straightforward to understand as well.


  • Deep drawers
  • Smooth hinges
  • 220 lbs weight-bearing capacity
  • Easy and quick assembly


  • Tends to chip easily

8. Baxton Studio Industrial Sideboard Buffet

Baxton Studio Reid Oak Finished Wood Black Metal 3-Drawer Sideboard Buffet

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For an all-around rustic addition to your living space, try this sideboard by Baxton. The wooden finish and natural color can be a great addition to any interior. Not only will it stand out, but it amps up the way the entire room looks.

It has ample storage as well. Other than the wide shelf that accommodates pretty much anything, it has three deep drawers. In addition, it also has two cabinet spaces on either side of the drawers. We particularly like that it has invisible door handles cut into the cabinet, giving the whole sideboard a seamless look.

The metal legs add excellent support to the table, making it even more sturdy.


  • Sturdy metal legs
  • Invisible handles
  • Smooth wooden finish
  • Deep drawers with ample space


  • Challenging to assemble

9. Mixcept Stylish Sideboard Buffet Cabinet

Mixcept 52' Stylish Sideboard Buffet Cabinet Wood Console Table Storage Cabinet with 2 Doors and 2 Drawers, Black

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For a truly modern and contemporary sideboard for your home, take a look at this one by Mixcept. It has high-quality MDF boards with a black finish and glass doors to add to the look. Additionally, it is dustproof and effortless to maintain.

Even the storage space is quite decent. Apart from the wide top shelf, it has two cabinets and two drawers to store all sorts of things – big and small. Moreover, the overall weight capacity is around 250 lbs, so there is no need to hold back on decorative items.

We also like that the hinges are secure, and all the pieces are sturdy and easy to assemble.


  • All parts are secure
  • High-quality design with a smooth finish
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Heavy-weight capacity


  • Heavy

10. Home Source Classic Sideboard Buffet

Home Source Classic Buffet Server | 47.6' Dining Room Buffet with Concrete-Color Finish| Three Doors with Handles Wood and MDF

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Finally, we have this uber stylish and modern-looking sideboard by Home Source. This one stands out quite a bit because of its concrete look. Additionally, it also has very sturdy metal legs that make it look better and keep the structure stable.

This sideboard has three doors that open up to six compartments that are ideal for storage. Moreover, it has a top and an open bottom shelf that you can use to place books, magazines, or decorative items.

Another great thing about this one is the neutral color scheme. This concrete grey color allows for it to blend into any interior.


  • Neutral color scheme
  • Strong metal legs for support
  • Lots of adjustable compartments
  • Sleek handles


  • Assembly takes two people at least


On that note, we come to the end of this short review on sideboards. If you had been in two minds so far, we hope to have made the decision a little easier.

We would like to advise you to take your time selecting a sideboard for the house. As easy as it may seem, sometimes it can be the first thing people notice when they enter the house. Hence, it is imperative to pick the right one that sets the tone for the home appropriately.

With that, we shall now say goodbye, but we will be back soon with more reviews.

See you next time!